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There are many things in the world that can ruin our lives. But, in addition to objective reasons – politics, bosses, weather, there are also subjective ones – our health. For example, some innocent runny nose or an unhealed upper tooth – what could be easier! – able to easily go into sinusitis. And the thing is ready – the head hurts, the voice is nasal, it’s hard to breathe, you don’t feel any smells … You don’t have to be happy with fresh borscht, nor can you choose cologne for your boyfriend or a girl for perfume-flowers. In other words, life is not fun. What can we say about meningitis or brain abscess, which can occur if sinusitis is not treated!

Mankind got acquainted with sinusitis a very long time ago – back in the 17th century, the doctor Gaymor (Highmor) first described the symptoms of the disease. In fact, sinusitis is a type of sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses). Imagine the nose in the form of a corridor, on both sides of which there are sinus rooms. It happens that cleaning is necessary in these rooms, but the fistula doors (holes through which the sinuses communicate with the interior of the nose) turn out to be closed – this is the disease. So, depending on which rooms are clogged and do not open, there are types of sinusitis, calling them all sorts of terrible words frontitis, sphenoiditis, sinusitis, ethmoiditis. In everyday life, as a rule, all this is called sinusitis.

Unfortunately, in most cases, even the most harmless cold does not pass without a trace.

Colds have many complications, but one of the most common is an acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, just the same sinusitis, which was discussed.

Inflammation of the sinuses may manifest itself after a few days and even weeks, after the acute symptoms of a cold have passed.

Do you feel unwell after a cold? Headache, feeling of pressure in the nose, difficult nasal breathing, increased body temperature, swelling of the skin in the cheek or eyelid area, nasal tinge voice, decrease or absence of smell, discharge from the nose of a muco-serous, serous-purulent or purulent nature …

All this individually, or in a complete set, may indicate inflammation of the sinuses.

If almost all of the above are present symptoms, then such a state of the disease can be attributed to heavy degree. Treatment in this case held in hospital or outpatient, under strict supervision doctor from active therapeutic activities.

At head pain, fever, serous-purulent nasal discharge, obstructed nasal breathing, decreased sense of smell, poor general well-being, then in this case disease state can attributed to moderate severity. Treatment may be carried out in hospital or more often all outpatient.

If there are only complaints on the minor headache pain, nasal congestion, muco-serous discharge from the nose, with absence elevated body temperature, then such a state diseases can be attributed to light degree. Treatment in this case outpatient. The diagnosis can be established on the basis of the examination and your complaints.

For four centuries of struggle with man, sinusitis has become an experienced masker. Now he may not declare himself with the usual symptoms (headache, nasal congestion, fever, worsening sense of smell, swelling in the cheeks, eyelids, nasal tone of voice, constant discharge from the nose, etc.), or may be absent with a full set of these signs. For example, the cause of all the above troubles may be neuralgia, vegetodystonia, diencephalic dysfunction, allergies. But in this case, do not relax!

Remember that we are talking about your health and the solution to this issue, nevertheless, remains behind doctor.

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