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In our country, kefir is the most beloved dairy product, eclipsing the national milk and fermented baked milk. The positive impact of this drink on health has long been known, but few people know that with the help of a special kefir diet, you can lose the hated extra pounds, thereby gaining the coveted 90x60x90.

But first, let’s talk about health – because without it it is impossible to do anything, including go on a diet. The main advantage of kefir over other dairy products is that it has a positive effect on the composition of intestinal microbes – in other words, it positively affects the formation of its healthy microflora.So a couple of glasses of kefir a day can prevent the development of intestinal infections and quickly cope with dysbacteriosis caused, for example, by antibiotics.

In addition, its nutrients – such as vitamins and amino acids – are easily absorbed by the body, which makes this drink simply invaluable for both adults and children. But this is not a complete list of its advantages. Not everyone knows that kefir has immunostimulating properties, helps to overcome chronic fatigue, is indispensable for sleep disorders and malfunctions in the nervous system. In addition, now, in hot weather, this drink will come in handy, and all thanks to lactic acid, which perfectly quenches thirst.

Now a little about the production of this drink. Its taste depends on acidity. The norm is 85-120 degrees Thermer. The closer the acidity is to the upper bar, the tastier and healthier the finished product. As for packaging, experts consider transparent bottles to be the most suitable container, since the quality of this drink will be evident, and the shelf life of kefir in such containers is much longer. It is a pity, but such packaging is becoming a thing of the past, giving way to more economical, light and convenient paper packaging.

By acidity, kefir can be weak one-day, medium two-day and strong three-day. It is not by chance that we touched upon the topic of technology. After all, the higher the strength of kefir, the more it stimulates the production of digestive juices in the stomach and intestines, and therefore, more actively regulates the processes of its purification.. That is why one-day kefir is a light dietary product that helps to quickly solve the problem of constipation, and strong (three-day), on the contrary, will calm the raging intestines.

In addition to ordinary kefir, there are also its varieties – biokefir and bifikefir.. They differ mainly in the content of microflora, which has a different effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Biokefir is considered the most useful. It tones the nervous and cardiovascular systems, reduces the risk of cancer, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore is effective in losing weight.

So smoothly we moved on to the topical women’s topic. If your summer mood is overshadowed by extra pounds, then try to arrange a weekly kefir diet for yourself. Its main advantage is that it includes products, using which, you will not feel hungry..

A prerequisite for this diet is the fat content of kefir is not more than 1 or 1.5%, and all dishes should be eaten without salt and sugar. For the purpose of general improvement, and not just weight loss, this diet is recommended to be repeated about once every two months.

And the last thing – do not forget that kefir is a real alcoholic drink. Therefore, it is better not to drive after its massive use for several hours.

Now it’s time to introduce you to the vaunted kefir diet.

The first day: five boiled potatoes and one and a half liters of kefir.

Second day: 100 g of boiled chicken and one and a half liters of kefir.

Day three: 100 g of boiled meat and one and a half liters of kefir.

Day four: 100 g of boiled fish and one and a half liters of kefir.

Day five: fruits and vegetables, except for high-calorie bananas and grapes, and one and a half liters of kefir.

Day six: kefir.

Day seven: mineral water.

There are several types of kefir diet. If it’s hard for you to sit on kefir for a whole week, then we suggest you arrange for yourself one unloading kefir day. To spend this day, you need to stock up on at least a liter of kefir. In the morning, instead of breakfast, you need to drink one glass. The rest is during the day.

The type of kefir can be anything. For example, 9.00 – a glass of low-fat kefir; 12.00 – a glass of ordinary kefir; 15.00 – a glass of fruit kefir; 18.00 – a glass of bifidokefir; 20.00 – a glass of biokefir; 22.00 – a glass of bifidokefir.

As with any diet, there are conditions here too.. So, the liquid can be consumed in unlimited quantities – better, of course, mineral or spring water. Tea and coffee are prohibited on kefir day. It is good to spend such fasting days once every 10-20 days. A three-month course of such fasting days will save you from 3 kilograms of excess weight without harm to your health.

There is, in addition to a purely kefir diet, and its varieties. For example, apple-kefir, kefir-curd, cucumber-kefir, kefir-fruit-vegetable, kefir-oatmeal diets. Whichever one you wish to sit on is up to you; the main thing is that it solves your problems with both health and extra pounds.


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