Spasm of accommodation

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Spasm of accommodation (false myopia) is a sudden and reversible visual impairment, expressed in the inability to clearly see objects at a distance as a result of improper functioning of the ciliary muscle of the eye.

Most often, accommodation spasm develops in schoolchildren and students by the end of the school day. Vision into the distance becomes blurred, the letters in the book blurry. The person loses the ability to see clearly into the distance. With continued work at close range, fatigue quickly develops, a headache appears. Visual impairment with accommodation spasm can reach 1-3 diopters.

Spasm of accommodation can last from several hours to six months. With timely treatment by an ophthalmologist, this condition disappears without a trace. However without medical help, accommodation spasm can turn over time into true myopia.

Factors leading to the development of accommodation spasm:

  • poor workplace lighting

  • wrong mode of work and rest,

  • close reading,

  • long watching TV and working at the monitor,

  • general overwork of the body and eyes, weakening of health.

How accommodation spasm develops

The human eye can adapt to viewing objects at different distances. This is achieved due to the presence in the eye lens, which is able to change its refractive power and focus objects on the retina.

The ciliary (ciliary) muscle joins the lens capsule – the main lens of the eye. When we read or look at close objects, the muscle contracts, the lens becomes more rounded, and the image is focused on the retina. When looking into the distance, the muscle relaxes, the lens flattens.

During prolonged work at close range, in poor lighting conditions, the eye quickly gets tired, the ciliary muscle is overstressed, spasms and can no longer relax on its own. False myopia develops.

Prevention and treatment of false myopia

Prevention of accommodation spasm

For the prevention of false myopia must adhere to a strict regime of work and restespecially for children’s eyes. Visual hygiene is of great importance: work in conditions of sufficient illumination, maintaining the correct height of the table and chair in classrooms, the location of the blackboard.

When working at a computer, be sure Wipe the screen daily to remove dust, adjust the brightness and contrast of the monitor to a comfortable level.

While reading, drawing, working at a computer be sure to take breaks.

Of great importance in the prevention of spasm of accommodation is visual gymnastics. Its goals are to relieve tension, as well as training the eyes for increasing loads.

Don’t forget about proper nutrition. Eyes need carotenes (dark leafy greens, red fruits and vegetables), vitamins and trace elements. They can be added to the diet not only with food, but also with dietary supplements and vitamin and mineral complexes.

For the prevention of visual impairment, the overall health of the body is important, especially in children. Massage, swimming in the pool, summer outdoor activities, physical activity throughout the year – the guarantee of eye health and protection from eye strain.

However, with the development of the first symptoms of accommodation spasm, don’t try to deal with the disorder on your own. Treatment should only be carried out by a doctor. For treatment, medicinal drugs are used that help the eye relax.


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