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Even in ancient times, man first breathed the smell of spices. Even then, these exotic dishes were assigned not only a gastronomic role, they were used both for making incense and for treatment.

So, it was believed that thyme sharpens the mind, and marjoram is a good remedy for headaches. For example, the Egyptians were familiar with the antiseptic properties of certain plants and used them in embalming.Some spices contain large amounts of essential oils that are toxic to many microorganisms.And the antibacterial properties of black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves prevent various intestinal disorders.

Therapeutic effect of spices

Indian cumin(in other words, cumin) improves the functioning of the liver, gallbladder, joints and muscles, reduces swelling, reduces body fat, relieves runny nose, watery eyes, excessive sweating, and helps with constipation. In addition, cumin seeds are chewed after dinner to stimulate digestion.

Red peppernormalizes the work of the heart, small intestine, blood vessels. It is worth remembering about it during the flu, SARS, with convulsions and spasms, with bronchial asthma and bone fractures. In addition, red pepper seeds help with menstrual pain.

Currycan not only prevent the development of heart failure, but even cure some heart diseases. However, doctors do not advise abusing oriental seasoning, as this can lead to the opposite effect.

Saffron and turmericstimulate the gastrointestinal tract, help with osteochondrosis, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, improve lymph flow.

Black pepperused in the treatment of eye diseases, diseases of the mammary gland and are used. Its peas will help with pain in the knee and elbow joints, as well as with frequent colds, with back pain. When taken orally, black pepper cleanses the lungs and bronchi of phlegm. Pepper powder with henna, when applied topically, treats skin diseases, lichen. Black pepper increases the digestive power of the stomach and strengthens the muscles of the digestive organs.

CinnamonIt is able to lower blood sugar levels by acting on the body at several levels at once. It slows down the process of digestion of food, while preventing a sharp release of sugar into the blood. It also increases the effectiveness of insulin and antioxidant protection.

fragrant seedscardamomchewed to refresh the mouth and stimulate digestion.

Cayenne peppergives sharpness and removes a lot of harmful substances from the body. Detoxification will be even more effective if paired with cayenne pepper, use lemon.

For,In order for spices to be useful, it is necessary to store them correctly.First of all, jars with spices should be small – during long-term storage, spices lose their aroma, taste and valuable properties, so there should be few of them – as much as you need to add to food. In addition, the essential oils contained in spices, which constitute their main value, easily evaporate, so jars should be with tight-fitting or, even better, screw-top lids. This means that spices are stored worse in wooden and ceramic jars than in plastic or glass ones.

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