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I woke up from hibernation and more and more often juicy greens (parsley, dill, lettuce), cucumbers and even radishes appear on our shelves. But this is a storehouse of vitamins, microelements and other substances useful and necessary for our body, especially in the “hungry” spring period! Moreover, the storehouse is absolutely accessible and familiar to the Central Russian organism, in contrast to exotic fruits and fruits.

In fact, it’s time to give the body a rest, setting it up for the summer mode of operation. And so, for now, the meat can be pushed aside and turn your eyes to the first greens and vegetables. Don’t worry: no one has ever died from grass, and the benefits of such a diet are noticeable after a week. Moreover, such edible greens, like parsley, dill, lettuce, sorrel, from ancient times served a person not only as an additional source of food, but also vitamins. With their regular consumption, metabolic processes, the work of the gastrointestinal tract and other body functions are normalized. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely cure any diseases with their help, but it is possible to prevent a variety of ailments.

Besides, By skillfully mixing these green crops, you can also get all sorts of flavors. For example, sprinkle boiled potatoes with green dill, and parsley on pasta, and you will prepare not only a beautiful, but also a very healthy dish. Moreover, such spices will help to cover the deficiency of vitamins and compensate for the partial lack of minerals in the spring. Just before use, the greens should be thoroughly washed in cold running water.

If you want to salt it a little, then do it immediately before serving, as salted greens release a lot of juice, which worsens the quality of the dishes. As for the healing properties of the first greens and vegetables, this should be said especially.

And we’ll start our conversation with parsley. This unique and earliest spring product contains a large amount of essential oils with anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, parsley perfectly whitens teeth. If you eat it more often, you will be surprised how quickly plaque disappears from your teeth. By the way, it has a huge number of useful properties, so try to eat it as often as possible.

But if you have tooth enamel is damaged, gums bleed, then in these cases a small bunch of the same greens (parsley, dill, celery) thoroughly chewed before or after eating helps. After that, the mouth should be rinsed.

Greens have a natural antibacterial, refreshing and odor-destroying effect, penetrate deeply into places inaccessible to other means, and also strengthen and massage the gums. In addition, the squeezed juice enters the gastrointestinal tract, helping it to better cope with its functions – because you will never find fresh parsley, celery and dill juice on sale.

Among green vegetables, of particular value is leaf salad. This early ripening culture contains many healing substances, vitamins, trace elements and organic acids. For example, milky juice of lettuce improves digestion, metabolism, has a calming effect on the nervous system and improves sleep. But fresh lettuce juice is used as a medicinal property against chronic gastritis. Lettuce also strengthens the walls of blood vessels, lowers blood sugar, and also helps to eliminate cholesterol. The ancient Greeks recommended the use of lettuce juice for edema, and an infusion of seeds as a milk extractor for a lack of milk in nursing mothers.

The fastest growing vegetable is radish. On our table, this is one of the symbols of the coming spring. The healing properties of radishes have been known for a long time. He rich in vitamins – especially ascorbic acid, mineral salts. It improves digestion, acts as a choleretic and diuretic, and the mustard oil contained in it kills the putrefactive intestinal microflora.

And the most versatile vegetable on our spring table is considered to be cucumber. Although it is the most “watery” (it contains more than 90 percent water), nevertheless Cucumber contains a lot of useful substances (starch, sugars, proteins, fiber, organic acids, essential oils, vitamins A, B, C, PP, E, H and minerals – potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, sulfur, zinc, copper , manganese, fluorine, chromium, aluminum (just a whole periodic table).It is important that iodine in it is in a form that is easily digestible for our body.

In addition, cucumbers enhance the activity of the digestive glands and the separation of bile, contribute to a more complete absorption of proteins. Therefore, their juicy slices not only decorate and make any dish tastier, but also improve digestion. Why is it considered a universal vegetable, but because almost everything benefits from it: juice (used for coughs, soothes the nervous system, recommended for diseases of the joints, edema of cardiac origin), pulp (is a mild laxative, keeps the face white and fresh, helps with skin inflammations, tumors), peel (dried and ground into a powder, it helps skin diseases, rashes, burns).

The diverse plant world is able not only to heal human ailments, but also to maintain external beauty and attractiveness. Vegetable juices, greens can be successfully used as inexpensive cosmetics that stimulate the metabolism in the skin, have softening, nourishing, cleansing, protective and healing properties.

As you can see, in order to feel healthy and be in good shape, it is necessary to replenish vitamins both internally and externally. And it is not necessary for this to go to the pharmacy. It is enough to include at least one of the products listed by us in your daily diet, and you are provided with health and beauty.

Alexander BELYAEV, nutritionist.

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