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Which of us has not tried to deal with spring illnesses (fatigue and irritability) and extra pounds gained over the winter, with all sorts of medications? And all in vain. “How is that,” many supporters of this method of treatment are perplexed, “after all, I have been taking expensive medications all winter, and now spring, but there’s little sense from them ?!” The fact of the matter is that most of all now it is necessary to lean not on medicines, but on spring vegetables, which can boast of having a large amount of vitamins and microelements necessary for your health. Only after a constant intake of natural vitamins, you will feel the difference.

Walking through vegetable shops and looking at the market, you can see that fresh bunches of lettuce, parsley and dill have already appeared on the shelves, juicy radishes are blushing in boxes, and green cucumbers in pimples are attached nearby. All this natural charm today can be purchased at any vegetable counter. Therefore, when you come for groceries, do not forget to take this natural vitamin set (cucumber, radish and parsley with onions) with you for a spring salad. After all, winter preparations are already rather tired and I want something fresh and juicy. And besides, fasting is underway, and in this way, believers can perfectly diversify their table and replenish their bodies with the vitamins they need right now.

And now let’s take a closer look at each representative of the first spring vitamin fraternity. And we’ll start with the greens – with


Although it is not considered a food, in fact, the salad is indispensable, since it was in it that folic acid was first found, which is involved in hematopoiesis, prevents the deposition of fat in the liver, and serves to prevent atherosclerosis. Therefore, the more you cut this unique green into a salad, the better. For example, cut 2-3 eggs, a radish, a bunch of parsley into a large bunch of lettuce, squeeze lemon juice, season 2-3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, salt, pepper – to taste.

By the way, a few words

about parsley.

According to folk wisdom, a bunch of parsley is equal to a handful of gold. After all, its leaves contain up to 1-3% sugars and up to 4.5% crude protein. In addition, parsley is a vitamin-bearing plant. It concentrates a large amount of ascorbic acid and carotene. It is useful for people suffering from kidney stones, inflammatory diseases of the gums and oral mucosa.

her neighbor


also does not lag behind his girlfriend. In addition to ascorbic acid, carotene, dill also contains folic acid, vitamins B, P, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron salts. Due to this, dill leaves are very useful for anemia, flatulence, gastritis with high acidity, and even in the treatment of eyes.

But still, the king of spring vitamins is rightfully considered

green onion.

Scientists even calculated that the optimal dose of onion consumption for each person would be 7-10 kilograms per year. Even ancient doctors believed that there is not a single disease in which onions, prepared in an appropriate way, would not bring relief to the patient. Due to its bitterness, it strengthens the stomach, stimulates appetite, helps with jaundice, tonsillitis, bronchitis. However, in acute diseases of the kidneys, liver and heart, onions should be used with caution.

At the time of spring beriberi, a particularly valuable vegetable for the body is


He ripens before all his fellows and decorates the table with elegant juicy root crops rich in potassium, calcium and iron. He can cure not only beriberi, but also spring fatigue. This means that it must be present on your table in the spring, at least in the form of such a healthy salad: rub 100 g of cottage cheese with sour cream (kefir, yogurt) until smooth. Finely chop the radish, parsley, lettuce, mix with cottage cheese and salt to taste. You can eat this salad separately, or you can spread it on thin slices of dried black bread.

Well, and, of course, the most welcome guest on our table is always


During beriberi, its fresh smell spreads throughout the apartment, reminding us of the upcoming warm summer days, thereby giving us a great mood and a charge of vivacity.

Many years ago, scientists discovered that cucumbers contain up to 95% water. People were hurt by this – what, it turns out, there is only water ?! And then it turned out that this is normal – there should be so much water in fresh vegetables. For example, in tomatoes it is 92%, and in radishes – 93%, and other vegetables do not lag behind them. But, in addition to water, the cucumber contains a whole range of vitamins and minerals, glucose with fructose, organic acids. By the way, tartronic acid contained in it actively affects fat metabolism and promotes weight loss. Therefore, if you want to lose weight by the summer, we advise you to have a fasting day at least once a week. Buy two kilograms of green ones and eat only them.

The lack of vitamins not only affects the general condition of the body, but also, importantly, it does not negatively affect the appearance: red scaly spots appear on the face, hair and nails become brittle. To eliminate these unpleasant consequences, it is worth including these amazing spring natural vitamins in the diet every day, and the result will not be long in coming.


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