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Which of us, dear women, does not want to be in a good mood, when everything around is pleasant, any business is being argued, anxieties and worries are forgotten? People are involuntarily drawn to a person who is always in a good mood. Mysterious vibes emanate from him, and others feel lighter, more pleasant, calmer. How can you stay calm and positive? Stone therapy will help us.

This is a special technique of massage with natural stones that came to us from antiquity, based on thermotherapy – alternating hot and cold effects on the body. This is done to obtain an appropriate response at the level of blood flow and lymph flow.

How does it happen?

Stones are the most ancient inhabitants of our world, they are able to accumulate the energy of the cosmos, the sun, the earth and give it away: heal physical infirmities and set the soul in a peaceful way. This is the essence of stone therapy.

Stone therapy, that is, massage with hot stones, is an ancient procedure. In Mesopotamia, doctors placed hot stones on the patient’s body. The modern method of stone therapy was developed by a member of the American Association of Massage Therapists Mary Nelson Hennigan from Arizona. The technique is based on a special touch to the corresponding points of hot and cold stones using acupressure. Did you know that volcanic rocks are unique?

Four elements found shelter in them at once – fire, water, earth and air. Stones give off their energy, which is why they are used for stone therapy. Born by the earth, polished by water, sun and wind, stones are a source of natural and cosmic energy.

The specific energy of stones eliminates tension and stress, neutralizes negative energy. Each stone carries a certain energy, providing a positive effect. Stones relieve fatigue and increase the tone of the body.

What is it connected with?

Used as a massage tool, the stones affect the deep mechanisms of relaxation, energize, create a feeling of well-being and health. This becomes possible due to the complex effect of their weight, shape, charge, smoothness, thermal conductivity of stones. Heated or cooled stones caress and massage with rhythmic gentle touches.

Hot stones placed at certain points (along the spine, on the temples, on the auricles, palms, feet), or massage of these very points with the heated surface of the stones, lead to vasodilation and reddening of the skin. At the same time, local blood circulation improves and metabolism is activated.

Hot stone massage alternates with cold stone massage. This leads to narrowing of the vessels and capillaries of the skin, eliminates the stagnation of venous blood, and increases muscle tone.

The alternation of hot and cold stones provokes a corresponding response at the level of blood and lymph flow. The main effect of this approach is associated with the effort of metabolism, the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, the activation of the endocrine and immune systems, and there are also deep mechanisms of energy harmonization and relaxation.

A preliminary and final each session of stone therapy manual massage creates the effect of relaxation. And the very touch to the skin of rounded stones smoothed by water and wind is extremely pleasant.

Stone therapy also promotes the production of endorphins – hormones of joy. Metabolic processes in the body improve, insomnia disappears, venous congestion stops.

Stones are used from Indonesia, Peru, Argentina, Italy, the USA and from the fjords of Norway. Jadeite is also popular – a bright green cobblestone of volcanic origin, common in Japan and China. It is called the imperial stone for saunas. This stone is considered a powerful amulet and … a wonderful medicine, there are many recipes for using jadeite to treat various diseases. As a stone-stabilizer, jadeite positively affects a person energetically.

For hot stone massage, volcanic basalt is usually used. It is believed that it contains elements of all four elements: fire, water, air and earth, and due to this it has especially useful properties. For cold – noble marble. Thanks to its porous structure, basalt slowly cools down and generously shares its warmth and positive energy with a person.

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