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Time flies by at the speed of a courier train, but youth still seems eternal. And suddenly – in the side pricked, in the eyes it darkened, in the ears it rang. And it turns out that cute tiny flaws that helped so much to relax a year or two ago, now only make you feel worse. So how do we stay on the border that separates us from feeling unwell and almost imperceptibly aging?

It has already been verified that 20-year-olds useless to tell any horror stories about the dangers of alcohol and nicotine. Even if the narrative is convincing, all this at a given age is still thought about for exactly one minute and then immediately forgotten. After all, for young people a cigarette is an indispensable attribute of any party, the fight against stress during the session, besides, according to their deep conviction, it beats the feeling of hunger quite well.

Later, after a while, some of them will bitterly regret wasted health and impaired fertility (for information: women who smoke have a much higher percentage of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies), about their former velvety peach skin and healthy hair.

In the meantime, due to such a young age, their body will remain in excellent shape for some time. Although already now there may be some problems. For example, with the digestive organs. The fact is that after the age of 18-20, many young people begin an independent life away from their parents and are forced to eat somewhat chaotically. Which, of course, often leads to all sorts of disorders of the digestive organs and far from the best effect on the skin of the face. Solving this issue is easy enough, just buy a good book on nutrition, and try to follow its advice as much as possible.

Pay more attention to aerobics, running, dancing, helping to strengthen the skeletal system, which is mainly built before the age of 25. But at the same time, try to avoid microtrauma. And don’t forget the bust. With these mobile sports, special sports underwear will help to maintain the shape of the chest.

And, of course, do not forget about some elementary rules for caring for your skin, at least in order not to look at all 45 in the next five years. This is not so difficult, and not at all laborious. After all, young people do not like endlessly long procedures. What exactly is needed for this? In the morning and evening (even in the absence of makeup), you should definitely cleanse your skin well. It is mandatory to use moisturizers, without which the skin quickly loses its elasticity, as well as sunscreens.

It is already after the age of 25 that girls suddenly begin to peer more meticulously into the mirror, looking for traces of time on their faces. And for some, they really appear in the form of a fine mesh of wrinkles. However, with the right approach, they can only be distinguished with a magnifying glass.

But for those who have recently turned thirty or thirty-odd, you need to be fully armed. Because it is at this age that unpleasant changes begin to occur in the body, which it is desirable to notice in time. Take, for example, the fact that closer to 30, a female figure begins to “spread” a little. This immediately becomes noticeable in a swimsuit in which you look simply ugly; on jeans that do not fit; on an evening dress, which indecently begins to fit all the protruding forms.

What to do? Going on a diet is a big mistake. It is wiser to regularly engage in some kind of sports. The main thing is that classes should be regular and frequent. It is ideal to practice 2-3 times a week with an interval of 48 hours. At the same time, physical activity should bring pleasure, not suffering. Only in this case can significant results be achieved. If you prefer running, then it is better to run twice a day for 20 minutes than through force once, but 40.

You should also review your menu. Stop eating hot dogs on the go, washing them down with beer and cola, and chewing them down with Snickers. Reduce the amount of meat you eat in favor of fish. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Feed it with vitamins. And do not forget about such nuances: intellectual women should often see tuna and salmon on the table, activating the brain. Watercress, parsley, spinach, liver contain folic acid necessary for our body – the keeper of normal hormonal levels. And seafood, lean meat and chicory have a good anti-stress effect.

In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, don’t forget to take care of your skin. Moisturize intensively to prevent wrinkles. Exfoliate regularly with products containing fruit acids and other enzymes, which, by the way, not only activate cells, but also smooth the skin. Stimulate the skin with all kinds of anti-wrinkle creams that smooth it and improve its condition. Before the solemn exit, lifting means will be of great help to you.

And here’s something else. Sleep well, laugh more, don’t get angry over trifles. In general, give yourself a maximum of positive emotions, and at any age you will look only 18!


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