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Autumn and winter are the seasons traditionally rich in gastronomic and entertainment events. New Year, corporate parties, endless visits, Christmas holidays, which many people prefer to spend at ski resorts or on the shores of the warm southern seas.

And someone is preparing for the most important event in his life – a wedding. This is where my head is spinning!

Of course, in autumn you have nothing to wear. And you also need to do your hair, update your manicure, look to the beautician and makeup artist.

A tummy appeared – we urgently go on a diet and sign up for the gym. Running around boutiques and beauty salons is a little tiring, but it’s a pleasant chore.

The main thing is not to forget about your own health during all this pre-holiday commotion. Now your body is mobilized, no sores stick to you, because you are tuned in only to positive emotions.

But now the ball is over, the candles have gone out, monotonous working days are coming, and melancholy, a feeling of emptiness, malaise rolls over you.

And if you rested in another country, where everything is unusual – the climate, the cuisine, and the daily routine, then you will inevitably experience additional stress associated with acclimatization.

Insidious viruses and infections are right there – your body is resting after such sharp shocks, and it has no strength left to resist.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of protecting the body in advance. Here are the main ways to strengthen the immune system:

control of intestinal microflora,

proper balanced diet,

adherence to the regimen, a full 8-hour sleep,

active lifestyle, sports,

rejection of bad habits.

All means are good in a complex, but the first two are of fundamental importance. Food is necessary for us to exist, the quality of nutrition depends on how strong our body is and how strong our immunity is.

When you are sure that you are protected from the influence of harmful bacteria, when you are alert and energetic, then physical activity will be easier for you, and you will sleep better, and in the beauty salon you will think only about beauty.

You can put your body in order in two weeks, and it will even give you pleasure!

Imunele – a tasty and healthy fermented milk product that helps strengthen the immune system, restore the intestinal microflora, helps protect the body from viruses, additionally supplying it with vitamins and useful minerals.

The effectiveness of Imunele has been proven by clinical studies. The product is recommended for use by the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Imunele contains:

lactoculture L. Casei, which restores the intestinal microflora, including after taking antibiotics,

lactoculture L. Rhamnosus, which stimulates natural activity immune system,

antioxidant vitamin E, prevents the aging of the immune system and increases the endurance of the body,

vitamin D3, increases resistance to infections – it is necessary in autumn and winter, during a shortage of sunlight,

zinc, help in the fight against viral diseases,

iodine, supporting the strength of the body.

Here the question arises: But is it possible to strengthen the immune system by getting all the necessary trace elements directly from fresh vegetables and fruits – good, it’s autumn in the yard?

It is possible and necessary, but not always convenient, and everyone has their own culinary preferences.

Someone is not enthusiastic about the specific flavor of ginger, someone refrains from broccoli, as it causes flatulence, but even the most fanatical fan of a healthy lifestyle is unlikely to allow himself to refuel with garlic before going to the cinema or theater.

Another opinion – isn’t it easier to drink some kind of vitamin pill? A simpler, but tasty product is always better than synthetic compounds.

Imunele is a fermented milk drink made from natural raw materials and enriched with substances necessary to strengthen the immune system.

Advantages of Imunele:

clinically proven: the positive effects of taking Imunele occur after 14 days, subject to daily use,

Imunele – the product is low-calorie, they can “freeze the worm” without harming the figure,

Imunele available in compact bottles that fit even in miniature handbags, and you can take it with you to work or for a walk,

range of Imunele includes 8 different flavors (natural, multifruit, cherry, pomegranate-cherry, cranberry-raspberry, blueberry, wild strawberry, wild berries), and each taste brings an additional joy to health. You can choose your own Imunele.

Get it done in 14 days! Rejuvenate, prettier, lose weight, tighten up, prepare for a responsible event, hold it with brilliance, ease and grace, as befits a real woman!

Or just be in great shape and in a great mood, and then you can move mountains – change the interior of the house, pass on the rights, find a new interesting job, or maybe meet a new love …

Imunele is a balanced complex of lactobacilli, vitamins and minerals. You’ve never done anything like this for your health!

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