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Stress was called the “epidemic of the century” back in the 20th century. We have entered a new century, and the end of this epidemic is not in sight. Psychological stress on a person is constantly increasing, and the stress itself is “younger”.

Stress is the body’s response to irritation. During stress, there is an excess of energy. When there is any danger, the muscles of the body tense up, and the heartbeat and pulse quicken. The body needs to throw out the accumulated “charge”.

Chronic stress – as a rule, is not a consequence of the problems themselves, but of inadequate obsession with them. Irritability, feeling of lack of time, anxiety, constant fear of doing something wrong, inability to relax, insomnia – these are the features of the “portrait” of chronic stress.

Stress takes away both physical strength and worsens the emotional state, leading to depression.

The state of stress is temporary. Increased stress always causes health problems: headaches, high blood pressure. In addition, stress can be a precursor to depression.

Usually, the state of stress lasts only a few days and passes on its own, which cannot be said about depression.

How to deal with stress?

How to deal with stress

one. Turn off your phone, TV and move away from the computer. Just go outside and spend a few minutes in the fresh air. Take a break from the world of technology and enjoy nature.

2. Try to play sports. Go to the gym or join the section of some team sport – volleyball, for example. After a while, you will not only become more balanced, but also see positive transformations in your figure. You can walk the dog or play with the children in the yard. Dancing is a great way to deal with stress.

3. Use for maximum health benefits every weekend, every minute. Find time for complete idleness. Call on your favorite melody, a drop of perfume and just relax (sitting in front of the TV does not count!).

four. Consciously form a positive attitude towards those people who surround you at home and at work, and in the evening remember the pleasant moments of the past day.

5. Aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to overcome stress. Take a bath and add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil to the water. This procedure helps to relax, improve mood, and also improves sleep.

6. Breathing deeply with your belly is a useful trick for relieving anxiety.

7. Calmness and confidence are guaranteed to those who kiss often. Another, no less pleasant, way to relieve stress is sex.

eight. Do something nice for yourself, for example, buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers – and your mood will definitely improve.

9. It is known that gardening helps to forget about the problems. If you don’t have a garden, just start planting flowers. Flowering plants in the house are also a great way to cheer up.

ten. Laughter increases endorphins and reduces stress levels. Watch one of your favorite comedies or comedy shows (alone or with friends).

eleven. Yoga is also able to relax, discharge and harmonize the body and mind. The statement that people who are fond of yoga are always calm and balanced is not unfounded. Yoga increases resistance to stress, increases stamina and improves concentration.

Exercises to do with nervous irritation and depression


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