Stretch marks, decreased tone and more: how to restore skin elasticity after childbirth

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Stretch marks

Stretch marks are intradermal breaks in the collagen framework that appear on the skin in places of its greatest stretching in the form of stripes. This aesthetic defect of the skin cannot be ignored. From the moment of appearance to the moment of maturation, stretch marks go through several stages of transformation: during the first six months after the appearance, they can be red, then they acquire a blue-violet hue and only then turn white. Most often, stretch marks occur against the background of a sharp change in body weight or hormonal status, for example, during puberty, pregnancy, obesity, and also when gaining muscle mass in athletes involved in bodybuilding. Another reason for the appearance of stretch marks is the use of steroid hormones. Stretch marks can also provoke certain types of diseases (Itsenko-Cushing’s syndrome, McFan’s disease).


Unfortunately, no one is immune from the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. However, such preventive measures as a contrast shower and massage with a hard washcloth with a nourishing cream or a special remedy for stretch marks will help reduce their manifestation. At the same time, the price of the cream does not matter – any options are suitable to achieve the desired effect. Prevention of stretch marks is not an easy task, requiring patience and attention. Procedures that will minimize stretch marks after childbirth or avoid their appearance should be carried out regularly – for 30 minutes a day. If you already have stretch marks, then only complex therapy will help you.

Treatment methods

In fact, a stretch is a scar, a break in the skin. Therefore, the greatest result in their treatment can be achieved at the initial stage: in the first six months, when they first appeared, and their color is red or blue. The optimal treatment is the use of techniques that actively stimulate collagen synthesis: irradiation with ablative lasers (CO2, erbium laser), trichloroacetic acid peels (TCA peels). These procedures cause controlled damage to the skin, which helps to synthesize additional collagen. During treatment, there is often an alternation of different types of procedures, and between them, in order to have a more active effect on the skin, the patient is prescribed mesotherapy: preparations with hyaluronic acid, various vitamins, cocktails, and collagen are injected into the stretch area. Mesotherapy helps to reduce the visual manifestation of this skin defect.

Is it possible to completely get rid of stretch marks?

This question worries almost all the fair sex, who are more or less familiar with this phenomenon. Unfortunately, today it is still impossible to do this: a method that would return the skin to its previous appearance (the one that was before the appearance of stretch marks) has not yet been invented. However, modern aesthetic medicine helps to significantly improve the condition of the skin and make stretch marks visually less noticeable. For this purpose, methods aimed at improving blood microcirculation and skin tone in the area of ​​the anterior abdominal wall are excellent: manual and hardware massage, LPG, vacuum massage, radiofrequency lifting, body wraps and the whole range of spa treatments. As for surgical treatment, everything is not so simple here. The fact is that it is impossible to change the structure of the skin surgically: stretching will not go anywhere. In abdominoplasty, the stretch can be made less visible by stretching the skin, but will remain in place. Therefore, the advantage in the treatment of stretch marks still remains with non-surgical methods.

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