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In the wake of the general enthusiasm for naturopathy, acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular. With its help, they promise to relieve us of pain, chronic diseases, excess weight … And if there is no time to visit specialists, or is the mere sight of needles horrifying? Goodshapetips found out: in this case, any of us can turn to Su-jok therapy.

Su-jok therapy is a fairly young method, and, unlike classical Chinese acupuncture, was discovered by the Korean professor Pak Je-woo.

Su-jok (translated from Korean Su – hand, Jok – foot)– i.e. This is a method of treatment based on the projection of all parts, systems and organs of the body onto the hand and foot.

In addition to the above, the so-called meridians are also projected onto the hand and foot (these are the energy lines of the body).

Classical acupuncture is based precisely on the work along the meridians.

Su-jok can be considered as a special case of classical acupuncture, because the work with meridians and energy flows is also going on.

Treatment with a flow of energy, magnet needles is the lot of specialists. But in su-jok therapy there are quite accessible things even for people who have not encountered this method before.

Let’s take a hand as an example:

So, the back of the hand corresponds to the back of the body, and the palm to the front.To determine the location of the projection of the right and left sides on the hand, it must be placed with the palm forward and fingers down.

Wherein the left side of the palm will correspond to the left half of the body, and the right side to the right.The exception is the thumb and its tubercle.

The sides for this part are determined in the position of the palm forward, thumb up.

On the thumb and its tubercle, organs are projected above the diaphragm, on the rest of the hand – below.

Lungs and heart are projected onto the tubercle of the thumb in the palm of the hand. Head – terminal phalanx of the thumb. Legs – middle and ring fingers arms– little finger and index finger.

In this case, the distal (nail) phalanges of the fingers correspond brushes and feet, and proximal (closest to the palm) – shoulders and hips.

Liver, stomach, pancreas and gallbladderlocated in the upper third of the palm (liver and gallbladder – on the right, stomach and pancreas – on the left).

Intestines projected onto the rest of the palm. Uterusand the genitals are located in the lower third of the palm, in the region of the middle and ring fingers.

On the back surface of the internal organs can be found kidneys.They are located in the dimples on the border of the upper and middle thirds of the hand, at the level of the line drawn between the little finger and ring finger and between the middle and index fingers.

How can you use all this knowledge?

The first is self-help. It is possible to influence a diseased organ by finding a painful point in the area of ​​​​its projection on the hands and stimulating this point.

For example, when your head hurtsthen with any non-sharp object (a match, a blunted pencil, etc.) find the most painful points in the region of the nail phalanx of the thumb and stimulate them.

You can influence the area both with the same match, and by gluing some kind of irritant to the pain point.

For any areas of compliance, buckwheat grains are suitable as a stimulant. It is better if they are unpeeled (black).

Do not use spoiled or immature seeds. They will charge your already sick organ with negative energy.

Seeds should be changed at least once a day. Having glued the stimulator, you should not relax: the more you irritate the point, the better the effect will be.

But for influencing some organs, there are more specific seeds that correspond to the shape of the organ, or contain the necessary energy for the treatment of a particular pathology.

kidneysit is better to stimulate with beans, and melon, watermelon or parsley seeds glued to the projection area enhance the diuretic effect. It is good to use onion seeds for cystitis on the bladder projection area.

On the projection intestinesyou can use dill and cumin seeds for flatulence, and for diarrhea – bird cherry or blueberry seeds. For constipation, cumin is used.

The walnut is similar in shape to the brain, so the stimulation of mental activity and brain disease treatmentit is better to spend with this nut. Hawthorn seeds on the head area will have a calming effect.

On the heartyou can influence the seeds of buckwheat, viburnum or pumpkin. Hawthorn will help fight arrhythmia.

The projection area of ​​the eyes is best stimulated with peas, black pepper. Pomegranate seeds help with visual impairment.Marigolds will help with inflammation of the eyes.

per area uterusIt is better to work with apple seeds.

Easyrice grains are most suitable.

On the projection of the areas of the joints with gout, you can use barley. For treatment spinepeppercorns, small peas are ideal.

toothacheit is better to shoot with flax or buckwheat seeds.

For the best union of fracturesit is recommended to apply hot pepper seeds on the projection area

Nature is very wise. And she took care of our health. You just need to see, understand and use its gifts. I hope that our advice will help the readers of “Women’s Passions”!

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