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Sociologists have calculated that women spend between seven and fifty minutes in front of a mirror every day. And about a third of this time they most carefully study the condition of the skin. Has cellulite gone on the offensive? Is there an effect of a rejuvenating mask? And where, after all, every Monday comes this unforeseen kilogram on the hips?

However, even the most picky ladies and young ladies often miss one of the main threats to beauty and health – impending problems with the veins. In the summer, when you especially want to be beautiful and wear short dresses, skirts and shorts, the body strives to let us down. In the heat, our legs regularly swell and ache, and if preventive measures are not taken in time, the diagnosis of varicose veins may not be far off.

How to keep the beauty and health of the legs? Goodshapetips recommendations will help your legs look flawless both in summer and at any other time of the year.

Varicose veins: the forewarned is forearmed

Visual signs of a future disease, as a rule, appear slowly. The first “problem” vessels become noticeable in those areas that we rarely look at – under the knees, on the inner bend of the feet and around the ankles. At first they are barely noticeable, then they are clearly visible, and very soon the veins can begin to swell and swell.

This is what varicose veins are. To detect it in the early stages, you should listen to the well-being of the legs. As soon as swelling and pain become regular, it’s time to sound the alarm. Moreover, in the summer the disease can develop very rapidly. High temperatures worsen the condition of the veins and delay the outflow of blood from the extremities. Sauna, bath, hot foot baths, vacations in hot countries – all these pleasures are forbidden for those suffering from varicose veins.

In order not to deprive yourself of these and many other joys in the future, it is worth eliminating the existing risk factors if possible. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to deal with the main ones. Most often, varicose veins occur due to hereditary predisposition and hormonal imbalance in the body. And yet, for those who want to have flawless legs, there are still many effective preventive measures.

Tip #1: Comfortable shoes + gymnastics

To begin with, doctors recommend abandoning tight and uncomfortable shoes, primarily high heels. But no matter what you put on – “stilettos” or flip flops – you can not let your feet go numb.

Try to stretch your feet as often as possible, bend your legs at the ankle, transfer weight from heel to toe. If problems with veins are just beginning, the effect of such regular gymnastics will be in a few days – the feeling of heaviness will weaken, the protruding vessels will become less noticeable.

Spend a few extra minutes on yourself in the morning and in the evening: to unload tired veins, it is enough to lie down for a while with your legs raised vertically up. The result will be even more noticeable if you put a roller 15–20 centimeters high under your feet at night. Such unloading is useful even for those who are not yet threatened with varicose veins – the next day they will be able to walk much longer in high heels. Also, for the prevention and fight against varicose veins, it is worth adjusting the fitness program and abandoning large power loads, running and jumping.

Tip #2: Comfortable Beauty Treatments

Anti-cellulite and other aggressive types of massage, as well as waxing and hot wraps, can bring a lot of grief. There is a great risk that the built smooth legs will be spoiled by spider veins and bulging darkened veins.

Better to improve skin elasticity resort to the old tried and tested remedy – regular contrast rinses. The alternation of cold and hot water perfectly improves blood circulation and tone. Just do not forget that the procedure should be completed with cold water, even if you climbed into the shower in order to warm up a little.

Perfect legs: comprehensive care for beauty and health

Tip #3: Proper Nutrition

It is worth supporting the body from the inside. For example, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are the eternal enemies of the venous system, and with emerging problems it is better to reduce the consumption of “harmful temptations” to a minimum. Moreover, they harm not only the veins.

Sugar and ready-made confectionery can slow down the processes of blood microcirculation, so they should ideally be replaced with fruits. The acids and vitamins contained in apples, pears, bananas improve the condition of blood vessels and help improve blood flow.

Citrus fruits, currants, green tea, rose hips and other foods rich in rutin (vitamin P) and vitamin C should take pride of place in the menu. These substances help restore the elasticity of the vascular walls and strengthen capillaries.

Tip #4: Pharmaceutical Advances

Specialists do not mind special vitamin complexes for foot health. However, they do not advise self-treatment with oral medications.

Such funds are designed, as a rule, for a certain stage of the disease, and only a phlebologist can correctly select them. The situation is much simpler with ointments and gels for topical use, made on the basis of heparin and rutin – we have been smearing bruises and bruises with them since childhood. Many of these funds are designed for the prevention of varicose veins and the treatment of its initial stages.

One of the most effective is gel “Venolife”, which includes three active ingredients at once. Heparin fights the formation of blood clots, troxerutin relieves pain and swelling, while protecting blood vessels. And dexpanthenol improves the absorption of the main ingredients of the gel and has healing properties.

Apply“Venolife” recommended two to three times a day. With regular use, the drug helps to make the veins less visible and remove the annoying feeling of heaviness. Now even short outfits and open sandals with high heels will not be a forbidden fruit for you – with Venolife gel your veins are reliably protected!

The drug has contraindications. Please read the instructions before using the product or consult your doctor.

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