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Velvet season of “intestinal flu”

August in the Crimea and Sochi can be considered a velvet season not only for tourists with children who want to relax before the start of the school year or returning to kindergarten. For the “intestinal flu”, August on the Black Sea can also be called a kind of velvet season.

What do you think is most often advertised in Sochi on cabanas on the beach? In addition to local entertainment, these are also drugs for intestinal infections. August is the month when almost every Sochi resident has a friend who has been “poisoned”. And if you find yourself in line at the pharmacy, you are bound to meet a few other people who need the same antimicrobial as you.

In addition to swallowing water in the Black Sea (or pool), you can also become infected through contaminated food (alimentary route of infection) or dirty hands (fecal-oral).

That is why doctors in Sochi recommend not to eat on the beach at all: do not take any food with you, and even more so do not buy donuts, boiled corn or cups of chopped fruit from beach vendors.

Even if everything is cooked in conditions of perfect cleanliness, your own hands, hair, face become a source of danger – all this has been in the sea and, if it comes into contact with food and gets into your mouth, it can cause very unpleasant symptoms. Vomiting, diarrhea and high fever, mind you. Moreover, “resting at home for a day” will not help. Bacterial intestinal infections require not only taking sorbents, drinking plenty of water and following a special diet, but also special antibiotic therapy.

But despite the tips from the cabins on the beach, of course, you should not treat yourself. Only a doctor is able to correctly diagnose, because similar manifestations can be observed, for example, with rotavirus infection. The treatment strategy is different. In particular, with rotavirus infection, antimicrobials will be useless.

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