Synthetic lace underwear: wear or forget?

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It makes you desirable and beautiful, models the silhouette, adds a degree of your self-confidence and pleases the eye – not only yours, but also your chosen one … And it, lace underwear, may not have the best effect on your well-being …

The first, as many remember, in February 2014, officials of the Customs Union raised the alarm. They took the initiative to ban the sale of underwear made from non-natural fabrics. Why? Because synthetics contribute to the faster development of pathogens in delicate areas, which means that it has a bad effect on women’s health and reproductive functions, which is also confirmed by hygiene experts. Of course, the topic instantly became topical and one of the most discussed in the women’s online community.

So wear or forget synthetic lace? Will their beauty stay with us if we put our own health care first? We offer to hear the arguments “for” and “against”, which can be trusted.

Some like it hot? Features of synthetic underwear

Specialists of the Customs Union argue that reduced absorbency is the main problem of synthetics. Faux lace underwear will not absorb sweat and secretions, which means that the moisture content of the skin around the genitals will be increased. In itself, this is not so scary. However, synthetics also conduct heat worse, which leads to an additional increase in temperature under the beautiful, but “insidious” underpants for delicate comfort.

So, synthetic shorts are warm and humid. Even if they are very soft and absolutely sterile, the combination of these factors can lead to the development of diaper rash and irritation. But in life, underwear is sterile only after special treatment. In addition, both sweat and secretions contain bacteria: neutral, beneficial and conditionally safe. The latter, once in a warm and humid microclimate, begin to multiply intensively. Together with them, the Candida fungus can begin to actively grow – the cause of thrush and one of the causes of unpleasant intestinal disorders.

A beautiful solution, a reasonable compromise

It turns out that the initiative of the Customs Union is quite justified, but what about aesthetics? Is it really necessary to arrange an audit in the wardrobe and ruthlessly part with your favorite bras and panties? Do not be upset – there is a golden mean, to which three clues lead.

Tip one – synthetic underwear does not have to be worn all day. Let a cotton set be on you on weekdays, and in the evening, after taking a bath, you can safely put on spectacular lace to please both yourself and your loved one.

The second tip is to wear lace underwear made from natural silk. Gentle, elegant, beautiful and … expensive!

Tip three – do not forget about daily water procedures. Whatever the composition of your favorite underwear, Epigen intimate gel will help you maintain delicate comfort.* for daily hygiene. He gently and carefully takes care of the sensitive skin of the intimate area, soothes it and relieves irritation, supports the natural microflora of the mucous membranes of the genital organs. There are no perfumes, dyes and other questionable components that are not approved by dermatologists in the gel. This means that the risk of developing allergies after applying the product is minimal, which is especially important after exposure to synthetics on the skin.

To forget about any discomfort in the secret corners of the body will help proper care of the intimate area using Epigen intimate gel. And high-quality underwear and a sense of proportion in relation to synthetics will help to avoid most women’s problems. Take care of your delicate health, and let the quality of your life always be on top!


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