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Dentists strongly recommend that their patients visit the dental office at least 1-2 times a year, even if they do not have dental problems. But we, as a rule, try not to do this, even when there is time and opportunity. It is understandable: what normal person without special need will go to a place where medicinal smells cause nausea, where knees give way from the mere sight of a white coat, and if a medical instrument flashes in the hands of a doctor, it’s not far from fainting. Meanwhile, the doctors know what they are talking about. It is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. Cases when the tooth did not make itself felt in any way, and after some time crumbled right before our eyes, are not so rare.

If the root turns out to be viable, this is not so bad. On the remaining fragments, with the help of modern durable materials, it is possible to recreate an imitation of a healthy tooth without resorting to prosthetics. And in this case, the doctor’s hands are of great importance: to create a tooth, one needs not only knowledge, but also the talent of an “artist-sculptor”. If the tooth cannot be treated, if the root is destroyed, alas, one cannot do without prosthetics. A prosthesis will also be needed when the tooth was lost during a blow, fall, or any other serious mechanical damage.

Now many people resort to cermets: it is really quite aesthetic in appearance and the most durable of all available materials, but there is little good in the crown method of prosthetics itself.. As you know, any prosthesis requires support. In order to have an artificial tooth instead of an empty space, dentists have to grind healthy teeth adjacent to it, completely removing the protective enamel from them. The base of the teeth is exposed – soft dentin not designed for the load, which will gradually collapse under the weight and pressure of the crowns. Thus, losing one tooth, over time, the patient loses three.

The service life of a denture is 10-15 years. Then it has to be changed. If it turns out that there is almost nothing left of the neighboring teeth, which the prosthesis was holding on to, this time it will be necessary to use the neighboring teeth of the former neighboring teeth, turning them too. And in another ten years, the situation may repeat itself again … In addition, during prosthetics using the crown method, even a computerized visiograph will not show the condition of the abutment tooth under the crown, and the fact that the tooth is destroyed will become clear only when the prosthesis falls along with the abutment teeth.

But there is also a more gentle method of prosthetics, developed and used for 7 years by doctors. Lans Dental Clinicthat in Moscow, on Kedrova, 15.

The essence of the intradental (literally – “intradental”) method is as follows. Neighboring teeth are not ground. A small incision is made on one of the supporting teeth, due to which no more than 10-15% of the healthy tooth surface is affected, into which a special titanium structure is inserted, providing a load on the root of the tooth, and not on the dentin. A prosthesis based on the structure will last approximately the same 10-15 years. And if during this time any of the adjacent teeth begins to collapse on its own, nothing will prevent a crown from being placed on it, because most of the enamel is preserved, and therefore the dentin is not damaged. With this technique, the abutment teeth remain visible, so that the doctor can check the condition of the entire dentition at any time. This technique has been tested at the Central Research Institute of Dentistry and the Moscow Dental Academy. Semashko and received a positive conclusion.

The advantage of intradental prosthetics also in the fact that the client does not need to wait for several days until the technician makes a dental prosthesis from the impression taken, while the specialist tries it on and, possibly, gives it back for revision, as is the case with crown prosthetics. A person comes to the doctor without a tooth and on the same day, after three hours, leaves with all the teeth. At the same time, intradental prosthetics cost the client no more than usual.

Of course, any method of dental prosthetics has its limitations. And which one is right for you – an experienced dentist will always tell you. But no matter how wonderful your new teeth are, you need to treat them very, very carefully. And even better, stepping over any fear and doubt, still go to the doctors on time – then there will be much less problems.

The Lans Clinic provides all types of dental services for treatment and prosthetics.

For more information, please visit the website of the Lans Clinic and by phone: 129-05-66.

License of the Moscow Health Committee series MDKZ No. 15121/6580 dated 08/27/2002.

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