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It all started when Instagram, with a link to pornographic content, blocked the account of the Pink Ink Fund, a charity that helps women turn their mastectomy scars into beautiful tattoos. However, after that, journalists, celebrities and bloggers accused the social network of hypocrisy and demanded the return of the fund’s account. Just a few hours after the uproar, Instagram publicly apologized for the mistake and reactivated the Pink Ink Fund account. Today, over 8 thousand people have subscribed to the account.

Breast cancer, despite warnings and charity events, claims thousands of lives every year. Who overcame a terrible diagnosis, he went through a difficult and long therapy, and in some cases even through an operation to remove the breast – a mastectomy. But the girls who survived the mastectomy do not despair: today, among those who have undergone this operation, there is even a fashion of their own – to make a tattoo on the chest in place of the scars.

There are dozens of reasons why women who have had a mastectomy decide to get a tattoo, but the most common of them is the desire to hide the scars behind a beautiful picture. Someone chooses their favorite flowers as a drawing, someone writes encouraging messages to themselves on their chests, and someone draws a Phoenix bird as a symbol of a second life.

Restorative plastic

In modern surgery, an approach is increasingly practiced when the operation to remove the glandular tissue is combined with the operation to install implants, expanders, and if there is a lack of soft tissues at the site of the operation, transplantation of one’s own tissues. In this case, it will not be necessary to go under the knife twice. Waking up after the operation, the patient will not only reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence to a few percent, but will also receive a completely aesthetic breast of her usual shape. Doctors consider this approach the least painful in terms of both the physical and psychological health of the patient.

In most cases, during a mastectomy, a woman is removed not only the glandular tissue, but also the nipple: after all, from 6 to 15 milk ducts enter it, which may contain cancer cells.

And if the shape of the breast, even after a mastectomy, can be restored with the help of implants and reconstructive operations, then the reconstruction of the nipple, as a rule, is done with the help of tattooing – modern tattoos with the 3D effect create the effect of a real voluminous nipple.

Recovery after reconstructive surgery usually takes two to eight weeks, but in some cases it may take longer. But when the scars are ready to be tattooed on them, it is better to consult with your operating oncologist about this: the healing time of scars is always individual and depends on many factors – lifestyle, metabolism, the ability of tissues to heal, age and much more. another.


It is not always possible to make a beautiful drawing right on the site of the scar – sometimes it is better to go around and make the scar itself part of the artistic composition. Before discussing aesthetic details with a tattoo artist, you should clarify the medical aspects of the upcoming body painting with the operating oncologist. Indications and contraindications depend on many factors – the type of tumor, the therapy being performed, and even the type of scars. I would not recommend getting a tattoo on the site of hypertrophic and keloid scars – this can lead to even more pronounced scars, but on flat, painless scars of a normal color, tattoos can be done without any consequences.

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