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Try a test. Ask others the question: how to fully care for your teeth? Most likely, in 99% of cases you will hear: “well, these are elementary truths – brush 2 times a day with a medium-hard brush, rinse after meals, use dental floss and, ideally, visit the dentist twice a year.” Meanwhile, modern dentistry has stepped far ahead. She is ready to offer you much more than routine checks and recommendations to eat apples more often and sweets less often.

Moreover, in modern terms, caring for your teeth and oral cavity with the help of modern achievements, you are investing not only in healthy teeth, but in something more – beauty, confidence, health of the whole body and social success.

Indeed, the presence of a hole in the tooth is a gateway for infection, uneven teeth are complexes for life, and a Hollywood smile is a must for ambitious careerists.

Fortunately, today beautiful and healthy teeth are a reality available to everyone. You just need to follow them properly care: competently treat on time and not be afraid to go to the dentist – modern methods and means have long excluded not only pain, but also severe discomfort.

Oral hygiene – This is the main prevention of all diseases of the teeth. The main cause of caries is precisely poor cleaning of the teeth (in which plaque remains on them, which destroys the enamel). Despite the fact that we were taught to brush our teeth 2 times a day from early childhood, according to statistics, only 10% of people know how to do it correctly. In addition, it is very difficult to completely remove plaque from hard-to-reach places. In order to reduce the risk of caries or any other oral disease, it makes sense to visit a dental hygienist twice a year.

This doctor will give you a professional dental cleaning that removes all plaque and reduces the risk of gum disease by 80% and 40% – the number of cavities. Professional teeth cleaning – this is the removal of tartar (mechanically or by ultrasound) and polishing of the tooth surface with special brushes, followed by treatment with a fluorine-containing protective varnish.

In addition, in the process professional oral hygiene you will be taught how to brush your teeth properly, treated with deodorants and selected personal hygiene products (brushes, pastes, threads, etc.).


All our arguments for postponing treatment until the last pill of painkillers have long been morally obsolete! Now treatment and prosthetics do not cause pain, the treatment process is controlled by a computer, fillings, selected according to the color of the tooth, look natural and hold firmly.


If that word brings horrifying images of detachable jaws and gold teeth to your mind, it’s time you looked into modern clinic. Modern prosthetics is able to solve the most complex problems aesthetically and delicately.

If you have a chipped tooth, your doctor will offer you an inlay (a precision ceramic tooth restoration). It is necessary to “repair” the whole tooth – they will put a crown. All-ceramic modern crowns are as strong as metal ceramics, but look like natural teeth with a transparent effect. By the way, do you know that according to modern world standards, all chewing teeth with treated canals must be protected with crowns? If this is not done, there is a high risk of “losing” these teeth altogether due to further destruction.

The front teeth are our “visiting card”, and problems with them have always been perceived by us most acutely. For the treatment of anterior teeth, dentists today use veneers. With their help, you can not only change the shape of the tooth, but also its color and even position!

And what about those who do not have not one, but many teeth? Really wear bulky bridges? Fortunately, implantation has long been part of the dental routine. Dental implants are the same teeth with roots, only artificial. implant under local anesthesia, it is implanted into the bone to replace the lost one, a “tooth” is screwed onto the “root” from above – and everything is fine again.

Aesthetic dentistry

Teeth are something that is given to us by nature. But if this reality does not suit you in some way, it is not necessary to live with it at all – use the services of aesthetic dentistry. This area of ​​medicine allows:

Correct an overbite and now you can straighten your teeth not only in deep childhood, as it was before. Correcting the bite at any age is not only possible, but also necessary: ​​improper position of the teeth leads to poor hygiene, an increased risk of developing caries, as well as improper stress on the teeth and one of the facial joints. By the way, braces, with the help of which the bite is corrected, are now a fashion accessory. Some even insert precious stones into them and smile as often as possible, 100% standing out from the crowd of others.

Correct the shape and color of the front teeth it is possible with the help of veneers (ceramic tooth restoration) – both the color and the shape are impeccable.

Correct the gingival contour of the smile. It is used in cases where “too much” gums are visible when smiling or your teeth seem too small for you.

Whiten your teeth. Actually whitening takes place using a special gel that changes the shade of the enamel. Before whitening, it is recommended to undergo a special cleaning of the teeth. There are two ways to whiten your teeth:

Before undergoing a whitening course, you need to consult a doctor: for some diseases of the teeth and gums, whitening is not recommended.

And yet, the main thing in dentistry and medicine in general is the professionalism of doctors. If, along with him, the clinic has modern conditions and treatment technologies, as well as an attentive attitude to each patient, regardless of the problem, it is worth going to such a place for the result.

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