Test: how dangerous is your job

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If you are a miner, a firefighter, or, say, a teacher in an elementary school, then your service is, of course, both dangerous and difficult, and you are entitled to milk for harm. But it is office workers who suffer from depression and cancer more often than others! If only because they usually have no time for regular preventive examinations after a nine-hour “sentence” in a specially allocated chair. Plus cakes-cookies instead of lunch. Plus a sedentary lifestyle and an evil boss … How do you live in general?

The specialists of the Atlas Medical Center have developed a test, which, perhaps, should not be considered a guide to action, but it should definitely be taken into account. Some things you can adjust right now, but some of the circumstances of your career may need to be radically revised. The choice is yours, of course. And do you really want to choose between health and career?

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