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I’ll tell you how it’s better! DOC+ is like an Uber taxi: the one closest to you will come to you. So you will not wait “within a day” and languish from the lack of a diagnosis. Well, the prices, again, are quite wow: a therapist or a pediatrician – 2000 rubles, an ENT or a neurologist – 3000. For 1200 you can call a nurse – take tests, give an injection, put a dropper.

When we were offered to test it, the SARS epidemic was in full swing, all the expensive editorial staff either had already been ill, or had just managed to get sick and take a sick leave, so I categorically did not need an unverified additional doctor.

Then the editor of the “Health” column – solely for the sake of a scientific experiment – decided on a simulation.

Free try

Yulia Verklova, editor of the Health section

About two weeks ago I had pain in my side. I then studied the Internet, drank no-shpu and went to bed. And then – well, since nothing hurts! – let me, I think, I’ll tell you that now my side hurts, let them come. And then when I get to the doctor. And I went to download the app.

I think it’s bad luck. If the experiment didn’t work, then it didn’t work. I have windowsphone! Yes, not an android, not an iPhone, but this is a Microsoft miracle that syncs perfectly with computers on Windows, but does not download any useful applications. There is not! There is no DOC + in the Microsoft market!

I had to take the android from my husband. After downloading the program, I discovered an interesting option: you can simply ask doctors questions in the messenger – absolutely free!

My story about the right side, however, pretty soon came up against the harsh: “The doctor will call you in a minute.” And in a minute – really a call. The doctor asked questions and said: “Drink no-shpu. If you don’t feel better in an hour, call an ambulance”… Well, exactly what I read on the Internet last time. And also completely free.

Pediatrician call

Yulia Verklova again

And the next day I’m sitting at my work – and suddenly they call me from school. And they report that my child has a temperature of 39, he is sent home. And the time is just 14-00, doctors from the district clinic are no longer called. And an android with an application from her husband. Well, I’m at work!

I had to go to the site doconcall.ru and call a doctor there. In the absence of an application, all messages from the doctor came to me via SMS. The doctor wrote: I will be in an hour, I will be in 20 minutes, I will be in a minute …

The husband rushed home (he is closer than me) and managed just in time to sign the consent to the examination of the child (the DOC + with this, as it turned out, is strict).

The doctor was one of the modern, progressive ones – one of those who do not prescribe drugs to children with unproven effectiveness. In a red shirt. He ordered to drink a lot, sleep a lot, gargle when it torments. All this was written on the form. And issued a certificate for the school! This is just happiness: they issue certificates. And sick leave. And then all this can be completely officially closed in the clinic at the place of residence.

“If anything, write,” said the doctor, saying goodbye. And he promised to send instructions to the mail, since I don’t have a normal android or iPhone. The instructions really came, but they did not open from the computer.

And I liked everything else, so for the New Year I ask Santa Claus for an android.

Calling Therapist

Elena Ivanova, author of Passion

I quickly and easily downloaded the DOC+ app from the Play Store and signed up quickly and easily. Before making a call, you need to decide whether you definitely do not need an ambulance. To do this, the program offers several questions for self-testing and a call in case of doubt. I didn’t need an ambulance.

But my stomach hurt – and I wanted a doctor urgently. And they were there in connection with the outbreak of the epidemic and the increased number of calls, they promised not earlier than in four hours (they even posted a notice on the website about this). An urgent call costs three thousand, not two. I decided that health is more important.

From the moment you make a call, you can track the movement of your savior on the map in the application, but still you are additionally informed by SMS what the name of the doctor is and when he will reach you. This is much nicer than waiting “during the day”.

A very nice, polite doctor came to me, who listened carefully to my complaints, asked many clarifying questions, measured my temperature, pressure, pulse, looked at my throat and tongue, listened to my breathing, felt my stomach – made a diagnosis. More precisely, three variants of the diagnosis: it is impossible to make an accurate one without additional examinations; the main thing is that the worst suspicions have disappeared. You can also take tests with DOC + at home – and the doctor will then comment on the results in a messenger or by phone and adjust, if anything, the treatment plan.

The instructions were given to me on letterhead. And after the doctor’s departure, a call log appeared in the application, where the diagnosis and treatment plan are displayed (well, what if I lose the form or, in principle, I don’t read texts on paper). And then an SMS came – they asked if they could send a nurse to take tests.

Ideally, I think that a working person should be treated in this way: pressed – urgently called the doctor. I received a record of the call and appointments both on paper and in electronic form. You can live and work on.

Photo: Doc+ archive

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