The benefits and harms of sunglasses

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The sun’s beam is divided into several spectra: infrared radiation, visible radiation and ultraviolet. The most dangerous for the eyes (as well as for the skin) is ultraviolet. And the eyes really need protective filters.

There are three types of ultraviolet radiation:

UV-C rays

They are potentially dangerous to humans, but they do not reach the surface of the earth, as they are absorbed by the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

UV-B rays

The mucous membrane of the eye and the cornea absorb this type of rays. Prolonged exposure may cause burns to the cornea and conjunctiva. And you will not be able to feel it immediately – after 8-10 hours.

UV-A rays

These are the most dangerous rays for the eyes. They penetrate deep into the eye and can damage the eye lens and retina. This is fraught with the development of cataracts.

We are accustomed to the concept of “photoaging”. So, you can consider that it concerns not only the skin, but also the eyes. UV-A rays contribute to the development of age-related retinal dystrophy, which is considered the main cause of senile blindness.

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