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Vibrators are bought by women who lack male attention

It is a misconception that only single ladies buy vibrators. Most often, they are chosen by couples to make intimate life more interesting. Of course, there are women who want to brighten up their existence, but often they are already in a relationship and are just looking for additional sensations. A vibrator is not only a source of orgasms, but also an assistant in opening up new erogenous zones, increasing the sensitivity of the body.

The vibrator can be dangerous, it can explode

Vibrators are safe sex toys. They are designed in such a way that they are not capable of injuring the user. They don’t explode, they don’t shock. High-quality models are thought out to the smallest detail, manufacturers take their reputation very seriously and monitor safety. Of course, fakes or very cheap models may not meet international quality standards. To avoid such things, choose devices of well-known brands, buy them in trusted stores.

You can get used to the vibrator, then you won’t like regular sex

Games with a vibrator and a live person are completely different processes and sensations. A vibrator will never replace communication, hugs and couples orgasms. He is only an assistant who relieves sexual tension, but not a substitute for a man. Making love is an emotional process, it will never work with the device. Interest in sex after the use of sex toys does not disappear. But you may want to try using a vibrating device in pairs.

The vibrator reduces the sensitivity of erogenous zones

This is partly true. If you use vibration at maximum modes, the sensitivity will decrease. But this is a temporary effect. It is worth giving up the vibrator for 3-4 weeks, and everything will be restored. A sex toy can make a woman more receptive to any caresses, but it can only reduce her sensations for a short time.

The vibrator can stay inside, you can’t pull it out without a doctor

Also true, but only about devices that are used for anal sex. Even very long objects are placed in the anus, they can be completely inside, and then you will have to get it out with the doctor. That is why vibrators with a limiter are created for anal sex. This is a seal that prevents the device from diving too deep. Variants without such a broad base are best used only for vaginal sex. A sex toy cannot get stuck in a woman’s womb.

If someone finds out about the vibrator, then the owner will be laughed at

This myth is a relic of the past. Today, the presence of a sex toy is not something terrible. A lot of people use it, and that’s okay. Of course, condemnation is possible among the older generation, they still live by the laws of the past. But why should they tell about such purchases? You can choose a device for yourself, use it and not talk about it. A discussion may be appropriate in a couple, with best friends, but it is not at all necessary to inform “the whole world” about your acquisition.

Men are categorically against sex toys

It is not true. Many couples use intimate items, and men love it. Maybe a certain number of people are against it, but they are not the majority. Doubts are often associated with the fact that he did not try to apply such things, it is scary. But once you show him that a vibrator helps a woman finish every sex, and the protests will stop. It is important to find the right approach to a particular person, and also choose a vibrator that does not visually look like a penis so as not to provoke jealousy.

Vibrator causes “female” diseases

It’s a delusion. The vibrator causes a rush of blood to the genitals, and this, on the contrary, prevents congestion. Diseases are possible if the sex toy is not washed. Then bacteria can develop on its surface, and the next time it is used, it can enter the vagina. But if you clean the device every time, there will be no such problems. Proper application ensures the safety of sex products.

Only perverts use sex toys

It’s a delusion. Sex toys are used by those who love themselves, their bodies and partners. Vibrators help to get pleasure, increase sensitivity. With their help, a woman can experience orgasms much more often. Regular sexual release is beneficial and reduces stress levels. More than 60% of Europeans use sex toys, and the percentage of users in Russia is increasing every year. People are not perverts, they are just looking for different ways to get pleasure.

Upon delivery, the courier knows that he brought a vibrator, and it’s a shame

All deliveries of sex toys from the online store are anonymous. It never says on the packaging that something from a sex shop is inside. There is no such information on checks or card statements. All information is neutral. The courier or postal employees never know what’s inside. At the same time, such parcels never have to be opened in the presence of the delivery service, no one can require you to check the quality of the device at the point of receipt.

There are many myths about vibrators, most of them are delusions. Sex toys help make life brighter, improve relationships in a couple, help to relax. Their use is beneficial for physical and mental health. And if you study the instructions before use, there will be no problems.

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