The golden ratio: what is the harmonic proportion of the face and how to get closer to the ideal

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One of the parameters of the ideal of beauty is the correspondence to the so-called golden section: the proportions of the face in the ratio of 1 to 1.618. The distances between the lips, chin, nose, forehead and eyes are examined. But, you see, even without any formulas, we automatically read the beautiful faces of people. The question is that modern means quite allow you to get closer to the standards of beauty. Even those who by nature had quite an ordinary genetic set.
For example, recently the model Bella Hadid was recognized as the most beautiful woman (precisely within the framework of the golden ratio). But the girl spent several years of her life on plastic surgery: she changed the shape of her nose, lips, got rid of Bish’s lumps, made her breasts … Our expert confirms that ideal faces by nature are extremely rare and many stars really resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. It is understandable, appearance is their working tool.

Not everything can be fixed, but a lot

“Speaking of the ideal, the so-called golden section, we mean symmetry, harmony of the face. But for most people, the right eye does not match the size of the left, the chin is crooked due to malocclusion, the nose is too small or, conversely, large. Or there is a pronounced snub or hump. The nostrils also matter: they should not be too miniature or protruding. There are many nuances. When we talk about eyes, we mean large, open eyes. The almond-shaped incision of the eyes is always held in high esteem. Slightly sunken cheeks always work on the aristocracy of the face, so many people dream of high cheekbones.

Do not think that a plastic surgeon is a magician who can do everything. Still, the source data is important. After all, if there is a deformation at the level of deep structures, congenital muscle asymmetry, or a serious injury, a skull of a certain shape, one eye socket is larger than the other, there is little to help. It is necessary to correct the appearance in accessible ways, to emphasize strengths. The natural shape of the eyes is very difficult to change. If the eye is shallowly set, then the skin structure on the eyelids themselves, the lateral vector, can be tightened and the illusion of an almond-shaped eye can be created. But if the girl has deep-set eyes, this trick is harder to pull off. And, of course, you need to understand what type we are working with: Caucasoid or Asian. All have their own characteristics.

For example, I mentioned that high cheekbones always give the face a more sophisticated look. A popular operation to achieve this effect is the removal of Bish’s lumps. These fat “packages” are removed quite easily: a dissection of the mucous membrane is made from the inside of the cheeks. The size of the lumps, on average, is one and a half teaspoons, but there is also a tablespoon. After three weeks, the skin shrinks, swelling subsides and such attractive sunken cheeks appear on the face. But with excess weight, the effect, of course, is less obvious – you will need to lose weight. By the way, among Asians, Bish’s lumps are highly developed – up to one and a half tablespoons.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We asked the surgeon to evaluate the faces of Hollywood’s recognized beauties – Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Beyoncé and our supermodel Natalia Vodianova. And they were convinced that the concept of beauty is subjective, even when a plastic specialist undertakes to analyze.
“I wouldn’t call Scarlett Johansson beautiful. Yes, she has significant advantages when it comes to appearance. These are almond-shaped eyes of a beautiful color and sensual lips. Otherwise, she is not a standard of beauty, in my opinion.

Jolie has an aristocratic face, clear contours: a small nose, full lips, flawless contour, beautiful eyebrow shape, symmetrical face – it is no coincidence that for many she is the ideal of beauty. In Vodianova we see pronounced eyes of a beautiful color, a small nose, full lips, a puppet type – this makes her attractive. Megan Fox has high cheekbones, a neat nose, beautiful lips, and her face is proportional.

Beyoncé is a beautiful girl by nature: her strong points are big eyes and well-defined lips. But all the celebrities listed, with the exception of Vodianova, perfected their appearance with the help of specialists: Scarlett Johansson clearly made a nose that was wide enough, Jolie also resorted to rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and Bish’s lumps removed. Beyoncé clearly narrowed the back of her nose, Megan did blepharoplasty so that her eyes became “cat”.

Here I immediately want to recall the slanders of psychologists about how important it is to develop charisma and accept ourselves as we are. After all, everyone remembers how British plastic surgeon Julian De Silva created an identikit of an ideal beauty based on the requests of his clients, who dreamed of Kate Middleton’s perfect nose, Angelina Jolie’s lips and cheekbones, and Jennifer Lopez’s eyebrows. The resulting girl is not bad-looking, but, to put it mildly, no one remembers. Too correct.

Full symmetry is ugly

“Try to put two right or two left images together – this is very unusual for the human eye. We notice pronounced asymmetries. It is these imperfections that modern cosmetology smooths out.

Under the canons of more ideal stars, if we talk about domestic ones, Irina Shayk, Regina Todorenko, Svetlana Khodchenkova fall. From the point of view of cosmetology, they have a well-defined and balanced facial bone frame: a high forehead with frontal tubercles, high outlined cheekbones, a regular straight nose, balance of the upper and lower jaws, a defined chin and lower jaw line. The correct ratio of the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face. Everything as a whole creates the effect of a slightly elongated triangle. As for soft tissues, these are smooth lines, without sharp drops, repeating the bone frame. The less shadows on the face, the better.

Modern cosmetology can do everything. Its expert part combines hardware procedures that work on the entire complex of soft tissues and injection procedures that replenish lost volumes and fix the ligamentous apparatus of the face. The devices are a combination of modern lasers and ultrasonic SMAS technologies. I would call them SMART procedures. With the help of these wonderful tools, we are pulling up the layer in which the age-related failure has occurred. And all without incisions, anesthesia and rehabilitation. And then, after hardware rejuvenation and tissue reduction, we place accents of the golden ratio with the help of fillers. And a beautiful sloping forehead, and a long-eyed look, and high cheekbones, and fashionable angles of the lower jaw, and a straight, perfect nose, and much more.

Photo: vostock-photo, Instagram, GlobalLookPress

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