The healing power of plants against PMS

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Yesterday you were cheerful, affable and friendly, and today, instead of a charming nymph, Mr. Hyde in a skirt looked out of the mirror. This trouble happens to most of the fair sex every month. Nothing really happened – you just have premenstrual syndrome (PMS) again.

Based on the latest research, premenstrual syndrome is extremely common – it observed in almost 90% of women. His The first sign is sudden mood swings.

At this time, some, for no reason, begin to be overcome by panic horror, someone cannot concentrate on anything, the more receptive simply cry quietly or, conversely, beat the dishes in anger …

Of the physical symptoms at this time, there are headaches, swelling, pain in the muscles, joints and chest, tachycardia, lethargy and apathy, weight gain, general weakness and an increased need for sweets.

However, there are also such sufferers who find all these signs at once – and in fact there are about 150 described PMS symptoms in total!

An interesting fact: according to American scientists, PMS primarily affects overweight women They are more likely to eat foods high in sugar and starch.

Women who quickly gained or lost weight (more than 10 kg) and, oddly enough, women who constantly diet are also at risk of PMS.

PMS symptoms appear 7-14 days before your period (this is due to the individual rhythms of ovulation) and continue until the onset of bleeding. In the same woman, the symptoms recur periodically and change little from year to year.

And that’s not all: if PMS is ignored and not treated (but just drink painkillers), then as the years go by, the discomfort before menstruation will only intensify.

Therefore, in order to meet the upcoming hormonal changes fully armed and cope with them unnoticed by others, without turning their lives into hell, you can prepare for PMS in advance – it’s much better to manage the “bad” days than just trying to forget about them.

In fact, any woman can cope with this problem, especially if you listen to nature and use her gifts.

Since ancient times, people have used the power of medicinal plants to treat various diseases.

And nowadays it is absolutely not necessary to swallow a handful of pills for premenstrual ailments – it is enough to take a natural non-hormonal drug “Mastodinon”.

It is produced by a German pharmaceutical company Bionorica AGwhich develops and manufactures the latest generation of highly effective herbal medicines: they combine the traditional knowledge of herbal medicine and the results of the latest scientific research in the field of natural sciences.

Part “Mastodinona” includes 6 medicinal plants, each of which has its own healing effect on the female body.

Taken together, they have a complex effect: they gently restore the natural balance of hormones, relieve pain, prevent the development of pathological processes in the mammary glands and reduce the irritability and anxiety associated with PMS, that is, they return the woman’s psychological comfort and normal well-being.

“Mastodinon” does not allow unpleasant symptoms to spoil the fair sex more than 5 years of life – this is how much, according to scientists, each of us spends in a state of PMS. So your health and good mood are in your hands!

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