The lightness of being, or how the world has changed!

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It’s amazing how many assistants a woman has in the 21st century. How many unnecessary manipulations you can not do and manage your free time in a completely different way, devoting yourself more to your family, yourself, your favorite work.

If our press salesmen acted like the American trade of centuries past and yelled out the big news to lure buyers, as the boys used to do, something like this would be heard on the streets today:

“A washing machine has been developed that cleans clothes from pet hair! ..”

“The miracle of multicooker technology itself prepares several dishes, tasty and healthy. Without a drop of fat and oil!

“The laser resurfacing procedure will restore youthfulness and firmness to your skin.”

“Unique toys entertain and develop your little one. Teach from the cradle.”

Indeed, in almost every area of ​​life, we are surrounded by visible and invisible helper friends. A woman no longer needs to soak her laundry, she can no longer chop cabbage with basins for the winter, she can no longer walk around the house with circles of cucumbers on her face …

How much work, including office work, can be done on the way to work, just by calling on the phone. How much strength and energy gives a trip to the spa, which you have never heard of before. And what fun it is to work with a child! You pick up colorful publications – and you yourself want to become small …

Now let’s walk to the next street and listen to what other newspapers write about. At the intersection of Sadovaya and Lesnaya, you can buy a press about health and new pharmacology. Here are some other news:

“New vaccines will protect against influenza viruses.”

“Scientists have created a new method of contraception by placing hormones directly into the uterine cavity.”

“Reliable contraception preserves a woman’s reproductive health.”

Yes, a few centuries ago, women were hostages of their physiology, forced to give birth as often as nature allowed.

And now we ourselves can decide when the most beloved and important person in our life will appear in order to give him (or her) all our love and care.

Moreover, modern contraception has become a reliable assistant that keeps the comfort and joy of intimate relationships, protecting from unnecessary experiences.

_- Please, I would like to read about a new method of contraception.

  • Please._

“The innovative intrauterine hormonal system is a new type of contraception, which is called the contraception of the 21st century. She allows a woman to feel like a real woman at any time, providing reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy for up to 5 years and contributing to menstrual comfort.

If you want to get pregnant again, the system can be removed at any time. The ability to conceive is restored in the same month, because the hormone does not affect ovarian function and does not suppress ovulation.

This type of contraception was created according to the “Put it and forget it” principle and combines the convenience of conventional intrauterine “spirals” and reliability with a number of therapeutic and protective effects of hormonal contraceptives.

More detailed information about the product is available to doctors in antenatal clinics.

  • Interesting: modern, valid for 5 years. It’s comfortable! You can freely relax in bed with a sweetheart, without being distracted and without fear of an accidental pregnancy (percentage of effectiveness according to the World Health Organization, 2009 – 99.9%). Tomorrow you will definitely need to go to the doctor and ask her about this method. I hope she becomes another one of my assistants.

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