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Since there are practically no absolutely non-drinking women, and even ulcers and teetotalers drink on New Year’s Eve, the heavy leaden tones of the hangover syndrome (which, by the way, is much more painful for women and often comes much faster than for men) are familiar to many. Either they themselves sometimes suffered from this deed, or they took relatives and relatives out of it … We can say that this ailment is nationwide. Like any disease, it is easier to prevent than to cure. However, it can also be cured…

Ways to drink, getting rid of a hangover for sure, have not yet been invented. But there are tricks to reduce severe hangover to a minimum. Remember: good (in the sense – plentiful) booze can only be afforded by healthy, well-rested and well-fed.Satisfaction deserves a special mention. This refers not only to satiety obtained by drinking, but also accumulated before that – during the meals that preceded the fun feast. So advice number one – do not lean on aperitifs, and do not drink the first glasses (glasses) to the bottom, no matter what toasts are pronounced. Only by filling the stomach with a certain amount of food, you can drink more. All the food eaten AFTER drinking alcohol will not help at all, but is only more likely to lead you to nausea.

Before alcohol, do not neglect protein foods – meat, fish, poultry. At the same time, try not to abuse sweets, vegetables and fruits, especially exotic ones, and, most importantly, pops – carbonated drinks. Against the background of such a diet, alcohol very quickly enters your blood and flesh. And that puts a lot of stress on the liver. She does not have time to neutralize excess alcohol to carbon dioxide and water, stopping at the stage of obtaining acetaldehyde – the main culprit of the hangover syndrome.

Related to this liver mechanism is the following advice, or rather the ancient Roman rule: “Hurry slowly.” So slow. It is better to take one glass (note, not a glass or a stack, but a glass) in half an hour than to clap a faceted glass at once according to the Russian habit. This is about strong (above 30 degrees) drinks. One such glass according to the international standard is equivalent to a glass of any unfortified wine (including champagne) or a 300-gram bottle of beer.

During this time, the body manages to process a fair amount of the alcoholic beverage and prepare for a new dose. Not maintaining this pause, the liver will not have time to clear up alcohol blockages. As a result, the effect of the previous dose will be superimposed on subsequent doses, and their sum may be unpredictable.

Closer to the feast, it is worth knocking over a glass made from an effervescent tablet of betaine citrate. This medicine will turn on the liver, and it will process alcohol more actively.

Fourth tip: don’t interfere. Moreover, you should not mix drinks either “in vitro” – in a glass, or “in vivo” – in your body. If you can not interfere, interfere wisely.

Tip number five: getting up from the table, do not immediately fall on the pillow. Think about the upcoming hangover. To weaken it, it would be good to eat a banana, drink a large glass of water. Replenishment of water lost by the body is one of the main directions in the treatment and prevention of a hangover.

It’s strange – although medicine has long known all of the above methods of preventing a hangover, a very large percentage of the population of our country does not want to live on the morning of January 1st. But you must.

Drink a glass of mineral water with aspirin or other painkillers. This is the minimum program. To the maximum, a dozen glasses of mineral water would not hurt your alcohol-dehydrated body, but no one expects such feats from you. Drink as much as you can. And the painkiller can theoretically be replaced with a few handfuls of berries – raspberries, currants – which contain salicylic acid that relieves headaches. However, practice shows that in most cases there are no berries at hand at such moments. There are plenty of empty beer cans, but for some reason there are no fresh currants at all.

A contrast shower will help you bring the circulatory system to life. At the first sign of a timid appetite, try to cram in a protein-rich breakfast.: a couple of eggs, a slice of cheese and yogurt. And for a snack, a little something or two of dried apricots would be quite suitable: dried apricots contain a “nervous” vitamin – niacin, which also plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure, as well as potassium, which helps nutrients penetrate through cell membranes.

If on the eve you also smoked a cigarette (or were in a heavily smoky room, which is almost the same), open the windows in the room, and go and ventilate yourself for 30 minutes (Do not bring cigarettes with you!). When you return, support your blood circulation and immunity. Now everything that contains vitamin C is suitable for you – citrus fruits, rose hips, currants, prunes, apples. Vitamin C will immediately begin to hunt for free radicals that entered your body along with tobacco smoke.

Nadezhda SUBCHEVA, pharmacist.

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