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Three main hormones of happiness

Hugging is the first kinesthetic sensation that our body remembers from childhood. We feel safe in the arms of a mother even in infancy. Moreover, this sensation refers us to intrauterine experience. If the tender embrace of the mother in the child is also joined by the moment of feeding mother’s milk, then this is an ideal state of happiness and serenity. That is why all doctors unconditionally advise breastfeeding.

Scientists have proven that children who receive enough tenderness and attention from their parents develop faster and get sick less. That is why in difficult life moments, bodily contacts and bodily interactions are so important to us.
American psychotherapist Virginia Satir in the XX century said that a person needs 8 hugs a day. At the very least, more! This is a guarantee of good mood and well-being. It is from bodily contact that many receptors work, and important hormones that affect the emotional state of a person are also produced. What exactly?

Oxytocin or “love hormone”. This is the main hormone produced in the process of hugging. Oxytocin causes a feeling of satisfaction, calmness. In addition, it stimulates feelings of love, responsiveness, mutual assistance.

Endorphins are the “happy hormones”. They are able to reduce pain, reduce the feeling of fear.

Serotonin is one of the main neurotransmitters in our body, which is also called the “hormone of good mood”, “hormone of happiness” and the main antidepressant. Lack of even one of these hormones can cause a deterioration in mood, loss of self-confidence, anxiety, apathy, and even mental disorders.

How hugs affect health

Scientists note that people who are prosperous in family life are less likely to earn cardiovascular diseases. They do not suffer from a lack of oxytocin. The hormone that hugs stimulate helps lower blood pressure, which in turn improves the health of the heart. Healthy sleep also depends on the amount of touch. The fact is that oxytocin counters the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone, soothes, reduces anxiety and causes a feeling of peace. After a few minutes in the arms of a loved one, you are guaranteed a sound sleep.

Hugs also help boost your immune system. It’s all about increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood. People who hug often enjoy good health and live longer. By the way, you also need to hug correctly. To establish an emotional connection with a person, you need to spend at least 20 seconds in an embrace.

Psychologists note that a person who is deprived of bodily contact is more likely to withdraw into himself and is more prone to depression. Women are especially susceptible to this. We need hugs from more men.

What to do if in childhood you did not receive a portion of tenderness from your parents and loved ones, you feel squeezed and often hold back your emotions? Correct the situation yourself.

“First, you can initiate bodily contact. For example, make a habit of hugging your friends when you meet. This is a social option for receiving human warmth. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your partner or parent – the body reacts the same way. Also, working with your own body can be a good substitute for hugs. For example, self-massage. After a shower, you can give yourself a dry massage with a brush or rubbing with a towel. Feelings should be pleasant, warming. This will help produce the right hormones without the presence of another person. Pay special attention to your clothes and bedding. All materials with which the skin comes into contact should be as pleasant as possible and not cause irritation.

Secondly, sports will help you get your norm of endorphins. It is important to choose a physical activity you like, so that training brings the body not only physical relaxation, but also pleasure.

And, of course, pets! We get cats or dogs because it is easy and pleasant to have physical contact with them. This is a good alternative to human hugs. Choose the animal that is attuned to relationships and makes contact with joy. And also a furry friend should suit your temperament. Someone likes to pamper a cat in their arms, while someone, on the contrary, enjoys active walks with a dog. I recommend that you first get acquainted with the animals before taking them into your family. By the way, shelters are very suitable for this. Watching an adult animal, you definitely can’t go wrong with its character.”


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