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If you want to eat something – you need to allow yourself

It seems that Yulia Vysotskaya never suffered from problems of excess weight. We are used to seeing her slim and fit. However, if you look at the early photos of the actress, you can see that twenty years ago Vysotskaya was fuller. Julia herself talked about this more than once: for a long time she wanted to lose weight. She ate little, tortured herself with daily jogging and scolded endlessly, saying that if you don’t go running today, you will be fat. And all to no avail: the body made fat reserves despite all the threats to get better. Already after the birth of two children, Vysotskaya realized a simple truth: food will not disappear anywhere – neither today nor tomorrow. It is not necessary to eat something high-calorie in the evening – this can be done in the morning. When the obsession with food disappeared, the actress began to lose weight before her eyes. To this day, she is sure: if you want to eat something, you need to afford it, but a small piece. No one has yet recovered from chocolate candy – the main thing is not to eat the whole box and be sure to give the body the opportunity to use up calories.

The actress only eats once or twice a day.

In recent years, Julia has been practicing intermittent fasting and Ekadashi (days according to the lunar calendar when you need to refrain from eating). On her YouTube channel, the actress said that she doesn’t like the word fasting itself – rather, it’s food pauses. She does not approve of the nutrition system, when a snack follows after a main meal after a while. This results in you almost constantly chewing on something.

“I realized for myself a long time ago that I can only have breakfast if my last meal was at 15:00-16:00 – no later. If I ate after the performance, or we were with friends in a restaurant, or in the evening my husband and I watched a movie and the discussion ended with a trip to the refrigerator, then in the morning I am not hungry. And I can’t eat if I’m not hungry. I love the slight feeling of hunger! With pleasure I cultivate this feeling of hunger. This approach helps me to eat less, and stay in good shape, and appreciate every meal, ”said Vysotskaya in a recent issue.

Thus, the actress only eats once or twice a day, depending on how her day goes. Most often, the last meal falls on 16:00-17:00. In the morning she drinks coffee with milk (at 11:00-12:00), and already at 15:00-16:00 a full meal follows. The interval without meals is more than 16 hours. To be honest, this approach is not for everyone! Although looking at the slender and fit Vysotskaya, who enthusiastically talks about her nutrition system, I really want to follow him. Moreover, intermittent fasting is now in trend. If we talk about the classical approach, then you have a window of eight hours when you can have breakfast and lunch. And then there is a break, during which only water and herbal teas and even coffee are allowed, but without milk and sugar.

“I eat bread and butter, sometimes I eat something sweet, I can eat a piece of good sausage, I love pasta, but I always eat mindfully. You need to stop eating on the machine – it’s terrible! ”, – concludes Vysotskaya.

Vysotskaya has been running for over 20 years

In addition to proper nutrition, Yulia Vysotskaya cannot imagine life without running. She has been practicing daily jogging for over twenty years. Her usual distance is 10-12 kilometers. The actress emphasizes that she is lucky – she does not have problems with her knees, so she can afford to run daily. The main thing is to have good running shoes.

An interesting detail: Julia honestly admits that on a rare morning she wants to get up and run. In percentage terms, this happens only in 20% of 100. In all other cases, you want to sleep longer. But every time, forcing herself to go for a run by an effort of will, Vysotskaya returns pleased with herself. Running gives her a tremendous boost of energy, cheerfulness and, of course, a sense of pride. The actress emphasizes: no need to force yourself to run, the body does not like violence. No energy to run? Then go. Go for daily walks in a nearby park or neighborhood – this is a feasible physical activity will also benefit and become a good healthy habit.

Expert comment

What is intermittent fasting? This is a type of eating in which the day is divided into parts during which you eat and then fast. There are many variations, but the essence is the same. The cell starves and gets rid of “garbage”, damaged proteins, and thus is renewed. True, it is not known how this affects in the long term – no high-quality studies have been conducted.

In principle, intermittent fasting is safe for healthy people. But for people with type 2 diabetes, children, pregnant women, lactating women, it is contraindicated, so consult your doctor! My opinion: this method is not suitable for everyone. For weight loss, in my opinion, a flexible diet that is tailored to the client is safer and much more convenient. In any case, if this approach is interesting, you can try it.

As for running, which Vysotskaya loves so much, this is a good load for the body. Although, of course, 10 km is a distance for trained people. Burns during such a load is about 700-800 kcal. Running helps in losing weight, as it is a good cardio workout. But after a run, as a rule, an appetite is played out, because the body wants to replenish the spent energy. It is worth controlling yourself and not lean on carbohydrates. And finally: after any intense physical activity, the fat burning process starts – choose what you like for yourself.

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