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Modern humanity is in constant struggle with its own body. Food has become affordable, food – thanks to all sorts of additives – more satisfying, and progress has made our lives less mobile. So unused calories are deposited in fat folds on our sides, stomachs and chins. Much has been written about how to deal with this phenomenon. However, there is also the opposite problem. If some struggle to lose those extra pounds, then for others the dream of life is to gain them. Of course, against the background of general weight loss, the desire to get fat looks somehow strange. But it turns out that weight can be not only not superfluous, but also insufficient. And gaining the missing pounds is sometimes much more difficult than losing them.

Decide on a problem

According to doctors, in 80% of cases, tormenting about weight is a purely psychological problem. It seems to us that having dropped or gained N-th number of kilograms, we will immediately become more attractive, solve all our problems, get rid of complexes and difficulties in communication. This is a very common misconception. No matter how much you struggle with your body, you are unlikely to be able to resolve your internal contradictions. Wrong “diagnosis” leads to wrong “treatment” and, as a result, to the lack of results. However, this is not the worst that can await you. Attempts to adjust the figure can lead to loss of health. So before you go on a diet or switch to enhanced nutrition, determine for yourself what caused your desire. The guy from the seventh floor does not pay attention to you, and you think that by dropping 10 kilograms, you will slay him on the spot? Or do you hope that rounded shapes will help you become more confident? If so, then it’s time for you to turn to a good psychoanalyst.

Everyone has their own rules

Our body features are in our genes. Therefore, some can eat everything in a row and even before going to bed, while maintaining harmony, while others exhaust themselves by starvation, and the scales, as they stood at around 100 kilograms, are still standing. Hereditary predisposition must be considered before undertaking weight correction. Normal weight is not the one that is calculated by various formulas, but the one that does not create health problems. How many kilograms is the norm for you is easy to find out. No matter how much you lose weight and no matter how fat you get, you will definitely return to it, moreover, without any effort.

You can change the “normal” weight. But this will require tremendous effort, great willpower, a carefully balanced diet, physical activity and a long time (at least a year). Sometimes the weight “norm” changes itself during life. But this is again due to heredity. Most often, weight changes (in both directions) after puberty, childbirth, or the transition of a 30-year milestone. If this is not due to any diseases, then there is nothing to worry about.

Running to the doctor

Thinness can be caused by various reasons: poor nutrition, illness, hormonal imbalances, or prolonged stress. In all these cases, you should consult a doctor. Poor nutrition is, of course, a social problem rather than a medical one. If your income is much lower than the subsistence level, do not sit idly by – water does not flow under a lying stone. Look for new or additional earnings and ways to improve your financial situation. But malnutrition can also be an imbalance in the diet. When, for example, carbohydrate food predominates to the detriment of protein. In this case, a nutritionist can help you.

What exactly caused the weight loss, only a doctor can determine. Do not self-medicate. The same can be said about hormonal disorders.

Stress also often underlies fluctuations in our weight. Usually overweight people in stressful situations begin to eat a lot, while thin people, on the contrary, lose their appetite. Both are harmful. We cannot avoid stress (in some cases, they are even useful). But it is necessary to take into account the reactions of your body to “shake-ups” and learn how to get out of stressful situations without loss to your figure and health. If you tend to “seize” trouble, then use low-calorie foods for this (fruits, vegetables, empty cereals, etc.). In the absence of appetite, take herbal infusions that stimulate it. (best if prescribed by a doctor). Or before eating, dissolve a few lemon slices – lemon promotes the production of saliva and gastric juice, which causes appetite. Use this method for ten days, and indifference to food should disappear. If you are unable to get out of stress for quite a long time, it is better to consult a psychotherapist.

How to gain at least a couple of kg.?

If you still came to the conclusion that you need to put on weight, then you can do the following:

If, wanting to get better, you eat three times a day to satiety, then sooner or later you will get yourself a problem with the digestive tract. It is better to eat little, but often. And after eating, lie down or sit quietly.

Those who want to get better can afford more high-calorie meals. However Dominant in the diet should not be carbohydrates (potatoes, flour, sweets), but proteins (meat, fish, dairy products). And without fail, the body must receive the required amount of vitamins and minerals daily.

Keep in mind that in order to maintain weight, we must consume exactly as many calories daily as we expend. If we eat more calories per day than we expend, we get fat. If less, we lose weight. From this principle it is necessary to proceed from a healthy person who decides to adjust the weight.

After carefully looking at yourself in the mirror, do not rush to get involved in a fight with your own body. Perhaps the problem is not at all in extra or missing kilograms, but in your attitude towards yourself. Learn to love yourself for who you are. After all, those who love themselves, involuntarily begin to love others.

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