The rich also cry: serious diseases that Hollywood stars live and fight with

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Charlie Sheen: Fighting HIV

It was not easy for Charlie Sheen to decide to publicly acknowledge his HIV status. However, the journalists who found out all announced a sensation associated with the name of a Hollywood actor and a famous brawler. Five years ago, Sheen had to walk into the studio and make a big statement:

“I am here to confess that I do have HIV. I have to put an end to lies and attacks on me, this is bad for my health. I learned about this diagnosis four years ago, it was a turning point in my life.”

Shin does not hide the fact that he led a very promiscuous sex life and, even knowing about the diagnosis, entered into intimate relationships with two partners. However, the actor assured the audience that they were in the know …

A year later, Shin agreed to participate in clinical trials of an experimental HIV drug. The actor claims that he began to feel much better. Which, however, did not affect the reputation of the scandalous star: his name is still more often associated with scandals than with film work.

Selma Blair: multiple sclerosis

The actress has been living with multiple sclerosis for over 15 years. She was only diagnosed two years ago. According to the results of the MRI, it turned out that her brain was affected in 20 places. Her 9-year-old son Arthur knows about her illness: the star loses consciousness in front of the boy.

“I’m disabled. Sometimes I fall, I drop things. My memory is clouded, ”the actress bitterly stated. Now she talks in detail about her condition and treatment to subscribers on the social network. Blair, walking with a cane, did not immediately come to terms with the diagnosis, but at some point she realized that there was nothing else left. The Hollywood star has made it her goal to enjoy every little thing and strive to lead a normal life for the sake of her son.

Artur believes that his brave mother will overcome the illness… Alas, multiple sclerosis is not curable, patients take medications and undergo therapy all their lives. The cause of multiple sclerosis is not exactly known. Here and genetic predisposition, and transferred severe viral diseases, and severe stress.

Justin Bieber: Mysterious Lyme Disease

Several Hollywood stars at once faced Lyme disease or tick-borne borreliosis – an infection that enters the body through the bite of a certain type of tick. Alec Baldwin suffered the longest from the disease. He encountered symptoms of borreliosis almost 20 years ago, when such a diagnosis did not officially exist. More than once, the Hollywood actor thought he was dying … Avril Lavigne for a long time believed that she was suffering from depression. The singer’s body was so exhausted that sometimes she could not get out of bed. It was later revealed that she had Lyme disease.

Justin Bieber has become a recent “victim” of this diagnosis. Like some of his colleagues, the artist did not know about the disease for a long time. Symptoms of the disease – rash, fever, mood swings, aching joints – are characteristic of many other diseases, for example, for the same flu. Therefore, it sometimes takes years for a diagnosis to be made. Bieber heard the diagnosis after two years of struggling with symptoms and accusations against him. Many were sure that the singer looks bad and does not always behave adequately due to problems with prohibited substances.

“I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. And not only her, but also serious chronic mononucleosis, which affected my skin, brain function and overall health, ”he explained.

Speaking of Bieber, one cannot fail to mention his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The girl has a whole bunch of diseases, one of them is lupus erythematosus (hereditary autoimmune disease). Inflammation against the background of the disease can affect the skin, kidneys, brain, joints. The disease is incurable. In the struggle for life in 2017, Selena had to endure a kidney transplant. Against the background of this diagnosis, the singer developed panic attacks, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

halle berry diabetes

The actress has been living with type 1 diabetes for many years (characterized by absolute insulin deficiency). The actress admits that the diagnosis many years ago took her by surprise. Since childhood, she was a rather “well-fed girl”, but no one in the family had such a diagnosis. After Berry spent a week in a diabetic coma, her life changed forever. The celebrity was frightened by the forecast of doctors: she could lose her eyesight and legs. After leaving the hospital, the “million dollar baby” completely changed her lifestyle: she revised her diet (she adheres to a strict diet), began to work out with a trainer four times a week and monitor her emotional state.

“It is very important to control the level of sugar and insulin. I take measurements several times a day, then self-administer the required dose of medication. I am glad that I can take insulin, it heals me. Diabetes has been a gift to me. I became strong because I began to face reality, ”says the actress. Agree, Halle Berry can become an example for all people with this diagnosis, because not every patient behaves so disciplined.

Kim Kardashian: legacy of psoriasis

The reality TV and social media star always looks perfect: she has regular features and flawless skin. It turns out that in order to achieve the latter, the celebrity does not spare layers of foundation, since Kim has been living with psoriasis for more than ten years. A mother of many children said that she inherited this autoimmune disease from her own mother. Then her belly and thighs were generously decorated with red spots. Then they “got” to the face. At first, only her dermatologist knew about Kardashian’s skin problems. After a while, Kim reasoned that it was pointless and unprofitable to hide, because many of her subscribers also live with a similar diagnosis.

From time to time, the star posts photos of her legs covered with characteristic spots on her page. Kim leaves ironic captions for them from the series: “sexy, right?” To minimize the manifestations of the disease, the girl follows a plant-based diet and tries to be less nervous. However, the last of a series of fiction, given her lifestyle and the need to maintain interest in herself every minute.

Depression: a disease of the rich

As some cynically joke, depression is a disease of idlers. Like, when you don’t need to plow every day to pay your bills, it’s time to mope and lose interest in life. Nevertheless, depression is a serious diagnosis that has nothing to do with a bad mood. Among Hollywood stars there are many who are faced with this disease.

So, Oscar winner Emma Stone has been suffering from panic attacks since her youth. Supermodel Cara Delvin publicly admitted that she had experienced depression: “I thought I was completely alone. But from the outside it seems to everyone that I have a fabulous life!

Prince Harry only relatively recently revealed to the public that he suffered from depression after losing his mother at 12. Only in adulthood did the Queen’s grandson finally work through this trauma with a psychologist. For many years, the prince could not cope with grief, preferring to push his feelings and grief deeper.

Brother Kate Middleton James suffers from depression to this day. Now an enviable (and very handsome young man) has a girlfriend whom he is going to marry. However, he has not yet been able to defeat the diagnosis. Is that why the Duchess of Cambridge pays so much attention to the mental health programs of the British? After all, when someone in the family is struggling with a particular disease, you know firsthand about it.

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