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The spine is an extremely important part of our skeleton, which accounts for the main load. In ancient times, doctors believed that the spine is the focus of human energy and vitality. In the modern world, each of us daily, throughout our lives, faces various problems. After all, we don’t even think about the consequences, lifting a heavy bag of groceries, already having a bag full of papers from work in our hands … Thus, we harm ourselves and our spine, overstrain our back muscles. Our spine is the key to health, and its daily overload leads to the most unpleasant consequences, including nervous system disorders (irritation, fear, anger, resentment, tears).

Most people experience back pain periodically, but according to statistics, women experience pain much more often than men.At a young age, we can afford to walk in light and beautiful clothes until the onset of cold weather, saying that it is better to endure the cold a little, but look irresistible. At the same time, we seriously test our body for strength, because hypothermia can cause many gynecological diseases and pain in the lower abdomen, which can radiate to the lower back. It is also enough just to get back pain all day long sitting at a computer at work or at home, and watching TV in an uncomfortable position.

Carrying a child and caring for him also create a lot of stress on the back, because in the last months of pregnancy our center of gravity shifts, the spine has to increase its bend and the well-known back pain and pulling pain in the muscles appear. And after childbirth, the load increases. A woman needs so much to do that she has to put off taking care of her health until better times. But we women are fragile creatures! Our muscle mass is 1/3 less than that of men, and we have to strain our back much more often.

In modern life, each of us experiences a lack of affection and tenderness, the ability to relax, relieve stress – mental and physical. A common and effective non-drug method of treating pain in the spine is manual therapy in combination with reflex and hirudotherapy. Soft methods of manual therapy and therapeutic massage – painless and even pleasant relief from the most serious diseases of the spine!

Ladies, we need to think! You may not be aware of pinching or displacement of the vertebrae, but all this contributes to the deterioration of the blood supply to your entire body. Many of us do not even realize that in some cases gynecological diseases develop due to problems in the lumbar spine. And a periodic visit to a chiropractor or hirudotherapist will help get rid of gynecological diseases associated with congestion.

In addition, do not forget that a woman by nature is, first of all, a mother. And she must take care of herself for the benefit of her unborn child. It is known that if a woman has a curvature of the spine, then in 50% of cases her unborn child may have a congenital curvature of the spine. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the health of your child in advance!

It is important for every mother-to-be that her birth goes smoothly, quickly and with minimal risk to her baby’s life. Doctors often advise doing special exercises, but you rarely hear from a doctor that during the entire pregnancy (starting from the third month) it is periodically useful to visit a chiropractor. Thanks to an individual approach and a soft technique of exposure, even at an early stage of pregnancy, all pain in the spine can be eliminated, thereby helping not only to evenly distribute the load, but also to ensure the favorable birth of the unborn baby.

It is better not to endure back pain, but to consult with experienced neurologists or chiropractors who will identify the true cause of the pain and develop an individually special program that will make your life pleasant in a short time, and most importantly – without pain!

A visit to a chiropractor will provide you with lightness, a surge of inner strength and a good mood. Don’t let pain in your back and legs bother you anymore! Live life to the fullest and don’t limit yourself to anything. The main thing to remember is that the spine for us women is the basis of health and active life.

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