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Make-believe and Podkaminskaya: home birth without anesthesia

A regular guest of the Evening Urgant show and a successful blogger, Irena Ponaroshku is raising two sons. The young mother both times chose home birth in the bath, next to her was only a midwife. She pretends to hate hospitals and is categorically against epidural anesthesia – she knows firsthand what painful labor pains for many hours and the process of childbirth without anesthesia are. Far from immediately, Irena decided to tell subscribers about her impressions. But she did it in the end with characteristic sincerity. She compared the process with diving into the abyss of pain, from which “you emerge with wet warm happiness in your arms.” The process of childbirth Ponaroshka cannot be called easy and cloudless – the birth of the youngest son was not easy, but with all this, Ponaroshka fully sees herself as a mother of many children and dreams of a daughter.

Another fan of home birth is Elena Podkaminskaya – she twice gave birth at home in an inflatable pool. Giving birth to a daughter, she screamed in pain so that she bit through this very pool. The actress told about this with a laugh later in an interview with Regina Todorenko. Doctors are sure: childbirth outside the walls of a hospital is dangerous by definition and the responsibility lies with the woman. If you decide to give birth at home, then an experienced midwife (with a medical education) should be nearby and there should be a maternity hospital in transport proximity – in case you need urgent help.

Oksana Samoilova: emergency caesarean section

The rapper’s wife is the mother of four children. She gave birth to her youngest son in an expensive clinic in Miami. Just a couple of days after giving birth, the blogger appeared in a photo with a tiny son and a surprisingly flat stomach. Looking at these pictures, you think that pregnancy and childbirth are easy for some. But Samoilova refutes these thoughts: it turns out that the girl was on the safe side, the birth began ahead of time (Oksana courageously endured 10-hour contractions), and after an emergency caesarean section, the young mother was separated from her son – the doctors took him to the intensive care unit without explanation.

“When I woke up, they didn’t bring him either. They said that he was in the intensive care unit, that there were some suspicions and they needed to be diagnosed. Take tests and so on. So the whole day passed. I could not walk and, accordingly, I could not go to his department either. It was the longest day in my life, ”the rapper’s wife shared with subscribers. Samoilova gave birth to children three times by caesarean section and now states: she no longer wants to be pregnant.

Anna Sedokova: it was a difficult period for everyone

Singer three times mother. It is believed that each subsequent birth is easier for a woman, but the ex-soloist of VIA Gra debunked this myth. According to her, the third pregnancy and the birth itself were much more difficult. Being pregnant with her son, the artist worked hard, performed, and often flew. Childbirth also turned out to be much more difficult than she thought. The many hours of the process turned out to be exhausting, even three years after the birth of Hector, the singer is not ready to share all the details. She only remarks: “This is a very personal, intimate moment. It was a difficult period for all of us. But it’s all behind us, and that’s the main thing.”

Maria Kozhevnikova: double entanglement of the fetus

The actress and ex-deputy also recalls the third birth as the most difficult. However, the birth of a second son was not easy, as the baby weighed more than four kilograms. In the case of the youngest son, the situation was worsened by the fact that the doctors recorded a double entanglement of the fetus. To avoid risk, in such cases, a caesarean section is usually performed, but the actress gave birth to Maxim in a natural way. “Probably, there could be another outcome, not so good for me. But as a result, my son and I managed, ”the actress later said, thanks to her doctor.

Ekaterina Gordon: clinical death

Lawyer Ekaterina Gordon spoke in detail about how she almost died during the birth of her youngest son. The ex-wife of Sergei Zhorin lost almost four liters of blood – at least ten doctors of the hospital fought for her salvation. According to Gordon, she had a rare diagnosis that ends with the removal of the uterus. As a result, her artery was cut, she survived clinical death – she saw dead relatives (not excluding the fact that these could be hallucinations – ed.) and literally hung by a hair’s breadth from death. For several days after the birth, Gordon talked about this, thanks to everyone involved in her salvation. The main thing is that the son is normal, Ekaterina summed up then. Now the boy is four years old. Gordon is not sure that she will ever decide to have a child again, but does not deny the possibility of resorting to surrogate motherhood.

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