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In our crazy rhythm of life, everything is on the run, everything is on the fly … There is so much to do, but there is sorely not enough time. It makes me want to take a timeout. But life sets its own rules, so you have to save hours and minutes on anything. And sometimes, alas, to the detriment of health. Even the food turns out to be a time bomb. Why is an unbalanced diet dangerous and how to avoid its consequences?

Fast food is a source of stress

What do most of us eat now? Everything that is quickly prepared and stored for a long time: pizza, sausages, dumplings, instant noodles, sausage, frozen vegetables and semi-finished meat products.

Of course, we eat not only this, we try to buy more fruits and vegetables, there are always fresh dairy products in our refrigerator. It’s just sad that you can’t rely on them today either. How many people are now talking about the fact that products now do more harm than good. Nitrates, nitrites, chemistry – a continuous periodic table!

The most unpleasant thing is that usually everything that is harmful is very tasty and attractive, especially for children. Of course, “monosodium glutamates” are glutamates for that, to enhance the pleasant taste. There will be no particular harm from a single dose or a small amount of such substances, but if you eat foods stuffed with them all the time, then this is fraught with such troubles as nausea, weakness, pain in the stomach and intestines, etc.

Like this: it turns out that most of the stress, mood swings, disruptions in the body lurk in our plate. In many ways, this is a “merit”free radicals, formed as a result of metabolic processes with the wrong lifestyle. These molecules make all the systems of our body “rust”, provoking inflammatory processes in cells, depressing the nervous system and slowing down brain activity.

Antioxidants against radicals

How to make your diet more balanced, harmonious? You can cleanse the body from time to time, spend fasting days, drink special herbal teas. It is important to take strict control over the children’s menu.

Good habit – buy only those vegetables and fruits, the quality of which you are sure, and even better – grow organic fruits yourself or purchase products in organic goods departments, where each fruit or vegetable passes strict control.

But this is all very difficult and requires additional costs – both time and material. We need something simpler and no less effective in a metropolis.

For people who really care about their health and value their time, developed vitamin and mineral complexes VITRUM. They not only saturate the adult body with the necessary daily portion vitamins and minerals, but they are also a powerful source of antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals and premature aging of the body. This is a real health protection from most of the adverse factors of our environment.

BUT for children there are special VITRUM complexes – Baby, Kids, Junior and Teenager, designed for different ages and, accordingly, the needs of the child’s body.

Within a few days of taking VITRUM the results are obvious. A protective mechanism is launched that protects our health from negative external influences (bad ecology, stress, viral infections and etc.). There comes a feeling that no threats to well-being can break through this “shield”, and there will be enough strength and energy for three.

With VITRUM you and your loved ones will meet spring in a great mood and tone!

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