There is no sex. 7 reasons to send your husband to the doctor

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In general, indeed, the main factors that prevent a man from being firm and persistent lie in the field of psychology and are temporary: he did not get enough sleep, overate, had a fight with his boss, was offended by you, is under threat of being fired, or closes a mortgage loan tomorrow – of course , man is not up to sex.

But if, on the whole, life was successful, and sex gradually moved from the “3 times a week” mode to the “2 times a month” format, then it is most likely not a mistress. And not even routine. Sexy lingerie won’t save you. As well as Thai massage techniques. We must think about the health of a loved one!

Go see a cardiologist

If you hint to your husband that it’s time to see a urologist, then he, of course, may be offended. But if he is routinely sent to a cardiologist, then you can save your sex life. And not only sexual.

Heart longings and sexual desire are connected with each other not in a metaphorical, but in the most physiological sense. It’s simple: the diameter of the arteries of the penis is 1-2 mm. The diameter of the cardiac arteries is twice as large. Naturally, narrowing and obstruction of small vessels will appear earlier. And if the erection is gone, then in a couple of years you have to be afraid of a heart attack. Send your husband to a cardiologist before it’s too late.

By European and American standards, a man who comes to a urologist complaining of impotence will definitely have his blood pressure measured, body mass index, ECG, as well as analyzes of glucose and creatinine, cholesterol and triglycerides – in fact, he is examined as a cardiac patient.

Anton Rodionov, cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Faculty Therapy No. 1 of the First Moscow State Medical University. I.M. Sechenov

Actually, all the risk factors for the heart that WHO warns about are at the same time (no, not at the same time, but much earlier!) Risk factors for impotence. For, as already mentioned, small vessels suffer faster than large ones. What are these factors?


Cholesterol clogs blood vessels and prevents them from filling with blood. Therefore, if there is less sex, it is necessary to reconsider the diet and measure the husband’s waist: if it is more than 90 cm, then the probability of carnal pleasures tends to zero (we are, of course, talking about fornication, not gluttony). Every 2 cm above the norm in the waist is minus 2 cm in the erect member.

If you affectionately hint to your husband that 6 cubes in the abdomen is much better than one ball – this will not be a “matter of taste”, this will be a matter of health! And if it’s not so easy to drive a man to the gym, then replace creamy with little vegetable in his diet, and salmon pork is quite within your power.


More terrible than cholesterol, for sex only smoking. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, making their walls inelastic – as a result, the organ, which should menacingly bleed in the morning, sadly droops … In addition, smoking, almost the same as alcohol, dulls sensitivity. Sexual impotence of men who smoke for a long time is associated not only with poor blood supply to individual organs, but also with the inability to get excited properly at the sight (and even when touched) of objects that used to be driven to a frenzy.


In order for the blood to quickly run through the body (including filling its most secluded corners), the body itself needs to run fast. Aerobic exercise is the training of blood vessels and maintaining their youth. You probably already understood everything else: the better and more adequate the vascular reactions, the longer and happier your sex life is. Yes, and life in general.

Go see an endocrinologist

A man is somewhat more complicated than we imagined 5-10 years ago. And not only his wife is responsible for his desire, not only the cardiovascular and nervous systems, but also hormones. First of all, you probably thought about testosterone, which, by and large, determines the male essence. And you are right, of course, testosterone matters, but not only!

Testosterone and estrogen

Testosterone is the male sex hormone, estrogen is the female sex hormone. In fact, both are present in the body of both men and women – it’s all about proportions. As long as there is a lot of testosterone in a man, his male (main) function will be at its best. For it to be so, a man needs regular power loads and categorically does not need buns and beer.

The fact is that abdominal fat (the one that grows on the stomach) is a hormone-producing organ in itself. It produces estrogen. Yes, the female sex hormone! And the production of testosterone at the same time, respectively, decreases. As a result, a “girlfriend” can literally be in bed next to you … Well, or a teddy bear, which is nice to cuddle with, with which you can coo before going to bed, which will always understand and console. But you can’t have sex with him.

Therefore, it makes sense to take a blood test for testosterone levels. And according to the results, decide whether you need to go to an andrologist or an endocrinologist.


Here, however, experienced girls and wives may have a question: why do some athletes and bodybuilders also not too often remember marital duties?

Well, let’s assume that they are just very tired, they threw out all their energy during the day, and now they need more sleep than love. In fact, everything is again somewhat more complicated. If you do strength exercises 2 times a week for 45 minutes, testosterone will be actively produced. And if more often or longer, then it will be stressful for the body – and instead of testosterone, it will begin to release cortisol into the blood – a hormone that kills all desires, except for the desire to replenish resources (that is, eat) and save strength outside the gym. That is, he literally forces his “master” to save on sex.


It’s not even about how much it is produced. The point is how sensitive the cells of the body are to it. If not very much (usually, again due to excess body fat), then such a formidable disease as type 2 diabetes develops. And if your husband has not acquired the habit of regularly donating blood for glucose levels (and men, unfortunately, rarely have such habits), then the first symptom of diabetes will be just more frequent failures in the bedroom or a complete lack of desire.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that primarily affects small vessels and capillaries, and normal blood circulation is extremely important for an erection. And for a normal sexual intercourse, it is important that the nerve impulse goes well for its intended purpose, and diabetes mellitus causes damage to the peripheral nervous system, disrupts the structure and functioning of nerve endings – and therefore there are problems with sexual arousal.

Natalia Fadeeva, MD, dietitian-endocrinologist

At an early stage, it is still possible to stop the development of the disease and dispense with insulin injections. But you need to hurry to the doctor, because, let’s be honest, if not only you can’t, but you don’t want to, then the stage is probably not so early.

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