Thin tights in winter – is it really dangerous?

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Tights are generally a relatively new part of the women’s wardrobe. A hundred years ago, the climate was no milder, but the female half of humanity wore stockings. The fashion of the sixties for short skirts brought with it the need to wear tights. Tights were made from cotton and wool with the addition of synthetic materials to give elasticity.

Modern elastic tights are made entirely of synthetic material. It looks great on the leg and maybe even gives the figure a more attractive shape, but it does not bring benefits to the female body – regardless of the weather. Let’s start with the fact that a kind of “greenhouse effect” is formed over the entire surface of the legs, and its intensity directly depends on the density of tights – den. As a result of a snug fit, air exchange in the genital area is disturbed, which can lead to a violation of the flora of varying intensity and, as a result, to unpleasant diseases.

In winter, running in the cold in thin synthetics is at least unpleasant, so body-positive girls and women prefer woolen and cotton tights, and they “breathe” better and, accordingly, endanger the female body to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, in many companies there is still a strict dress code, according to which employees are required to wear thin nylon tights. What is it fraught with and is it really so harmful?

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