This stupid healthy lifestyle: bad advice about nutrition and vitamins

Health Tips

Need vitamins – eat vegetables

This is very good advice, because vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet. They are rich in fiber, which is very good for digestion, and not rich in calories, which are bad for the waist. But there are not as many vitamins in them as is commonly believed. The only vitamin that is really abundant in almost all vegetables is vitamin C. Some also contain beta-carotene and folic acid. And that’s it. The remaining vital vitamins in vegetables and fruits are either absent altogether or present in such low concentrations that you need to eat them in kilograms to get at least a third of the daily dose. But animal products and cereals are really a storehouse of nutrients.

Drink, children, milk

For many years we have believed that milk is very useful, especially for bones and teeth. It seems to be in vain. A study by Dr. Monica Aggarwal, published in the medical journal American Journal of Public Health, showed that the opposite is true. People who drink milk daily are more likely to suffer from brittle bones and diseases of the skeletal system than those who ignore dairy products.

There are not many vitamins

It happens, and how. Not knowing exactly which vitamins and minerals you are lacking, it is easy to overdo it. This is especially true of fat-soluble vitamins – A, E, B12 and D. They, unlike water-soluble ones, accumulate in adipose tissue and can cause an overdose with nausea and vomiting, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary edema. Theoretically, you can die from this, such cases have been recorded. Moreover, studies show that most people who take vitamin complexes do not suffer from a lack of all the vitamins that they include. The most deficient vitamins are C and B6.

My, my chimney sweep

If you watch ads for a long time, then you can believe that even a single frail bacteria on your skin can kill you. Therefore, microbes must be destroyed by all possible means. We have everything antibacterial: soap, shower gel, wet wipes, and deodorant. Although in fact, antimicrobials are for special cases – for example, if someone at home has the flu, and you want to reduce the risk of infection. But you can’t use them all the time. Antibacterial agents destroy the normal microflora of the skin and mucous membranes, and this is fraught with dryness, dermatitis and eczema, infections and irritation. Paradoxically, the more antimicrobials you use, the more vulnerable you are to germs.

Open your ears!

We all buy cotton swabs because there is nothing better for cleaning our ears. But the fact is that the ears do not need to be cleaned at all. Excess wax leaves the ear canal on its own and is washed off the outer ear while showering or bathing. And what is there in your ear depths – no one can see. Ear picking is the most common cause of eardrum injuries, and not only is it very painful, it can also lead to deafness. In addition, by “cleaning” the ears with cotton swabs, we actually push the sulfur into the depths, over time a plug forms in the ear, which only an ENT can remove. And this is not a very pleasant procedure.

Everything gluten free is healthy

In recent years, the fashion for gluten-free products has swept all the megacities of the world – gluten-free cafes and shops are opening, manufacturers are launching new lines of gluten-free products. And it’s great – now people suffering from gluten intolerance can eat almost anything they want. There are just very few such people. Unless you get that lucky ticket in the genetic lottery, you won’t get much benefit from gluten-free food. She, like any other, can also be too fatty, stuffed with preservatives or excessively high in calories.

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