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Often, in pursuit of beauty and attractiveness, women do not think about what is actually the basis of their external charm and sexuality. Applying various cosmetic and cosmetic tricks, they achieve a short-term improvement in their appearance. And the reason for its deterioration is hidden deep inside the female body.

Girl, girl, woman… – these are three different states of one person. States characterized by their joys and sorrows, differing in their developmental features and their diseases. Especially diseases of the most intimate sphere for a woman – gynecology.

From the moment of birth, the girl is defenseless against many diseases of the genitourinary system. The structure of the genital organs, their relative openness and weak local immune defense in the girl lead to the fact that infections can be transmitted from parents to the child during childbirth, as well as when using common hygiene items (washcloths, towels) and even during games and caresses.

Anomalies in the structure and development of the genital organs can also cause suffering, although they usually appear later. The saddest thing is that the girl still cannot independently characterize her condition.

The child responds to pain, itching, burning with whims, loss of appetite, and nervousness. Parents see the cause of these and even more specific manifestations (legs kicking, scratching, urination disorders) in anything, but not in the field of gynecology.

Think about it, up to 30% of diseases of the genitourinary organs in a woman are acquired in childhood, before puberty. Therefore, visiting a pediatric gynecologist is not a whim or a whim, but an objective necessity.

Regular visits to the gynecologist will develop the correct stereotype of behavior for the girl: no fear of this “terrible” doctor, the need for his systematic (at least once a year) visits, following his recommendations.

In it, while still a girl, comes closer to puberty. The body of the future girl, preparing for the transition to a new state, is being rebuilt: the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, and after them the sex glands begin to work in a new way. Changes in the ratio of hormones.

Hormones “tune” the girl’s body, lead to the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics: swelling and growth of the mammary glands, female-type hair, etc. During the same period, the psychology of the future woman changes.

There is an increased interest in oneself and members of the opposite sex, and still unconscious and therefore incomprehensible desires and needs are gradually formed. And finally they come. Menstruation is a separate article for anxiety and unrest. Everything is important here: when they come for the first time, and when their rhythm improves, and how painfully they will proceed. All these nuances will definitely be reflected in the future.

Any irregularities in the menstrual cycle can be a signal of future problems with conception, gestation and the birth of offspring. But every girl instinctively, by nature, wants to become a mother. To avoid disappointment, the girl must visit a gynecologist and an endocrinologist during this period.

In addition, any violations of the menstrual cycle are reflected on the skin, under the influence of progesterone, the girl develops acne – the most “formidable” enemy of girlish beauty.

The sexual debut also brings its surprises. Unfortunately, statistics show an inexorable decline in the average age at which sexual activity begins. The girl, in pursuit of new sensations and the realization of new needs, easily succumbs to temptation and enters into sexual contact.

However, one wrong act can close the joy of sexual life for a girl for a long time – vaginismus develops. Besides, what does she know about sexual infections, unwanted pregnancies and measures to prevent them?

Who, where and when will enlighten the girl on these and many other issues? The answer is clear. The best place to get this kind of information is the gynecologist’s office.

The family is very rarely a sufficient authority for a young girl in matters of sexual education, the street (school, girlfriends, friends) often give false information, and the doctor will not make a mistake, will give information in an accessible, understandable form and on time. That’s why it is very important to accustom the girl to the very process of regular preventive visits to the gynecologist.

But such eternal employment leads to the fact that a woman shows carelessness in relation to some issues. First of all, take care of your health. It seems to a woman that now, having become an adult, becoming a mother, she knows everything about her intimate sphere that a doctor is no longer needed. And in vain.

Such judgments cause women to come to gynecologist, endocrinologist and mammologist with chronic, chronic, neglected diseases, with many complications. The saddest thing is that indifference and inattention to one’s health lead a woman to infertility, surgical interventions, and oncology.

The most common chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases. In time, not treated or neglected infections lead to chronic inflammation of the genital organs and make sexual life difficult or impossible. Experienced gynecologists can diagnose “chronic inflammation of the appendages” without examination, according to one appearance, highlighting the sufferer from the crowd.

Such women, despite their external beauty and attractiveness, bear the indelible and undisguised stamp of the disease. Naturally, there can be no talk of any sexual attractiveness in this case.

In second place in frequency are breast diseases. A woman’s inattention to herself, irregular visits to the doctor lead to the fact that the female breast from a source of irreplaceable baby food, a source of inspiration for artists and poets, a source of female attractiveness, becomes a source of pain, fear and suffering.

One in four women experience chest pain (mastalgia) and nipple discharge, but only 10% of them go to the doctor right away. The rest postpone the visit until the last moment. As a result: mastopathy, benign neoplasms, oncology. What these consequences lead to, I think, can not be said. And the reasons for such a late visit to the doctor are false fear and shame and all the same carelessness.

And then – the problems of menopause and postmenopausal period. A period overgrown with many myths and legends. The most common is the legend of menopause as “female death”. Nothing like this. Menopause is the same natural state for a woman, like pregnancy and menstruation.

The transition of a woman to the next stage of the life path is carried out gradually, in parallel with the extinction of ovarian function and ends with menopause. Changes in ovarian function are accompanied by various unpleasant sensations: sweating, tachycardia, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, which leads to inflammation.

The hormonal balance is disturbed, due to which thyroid diseases, the occurrence of type 2 diabetes mellitus become more frequent, the frequency of mastopathy and uterine fibroids increases. During this transition period, the likelihood of osteoporosis increases.

Such changes leave an imprint on the appearance of a woman: the skin suffers, wrinkles appear, deposits of subcutaneous fat increase, the waist disappears, posture worsens, accuracy and speed of movements decrease, sensitivity to climate change increases.

But the main blow is inflicted on the nervous system. Depression, insomnia, memory impairment, decreased sexual desire – all these are symptoms of the so-called climacteric syndrome.

Despite the inevitable problems that are physiologically associated with transitional age, menopause can and should be fought. And the goal of a woman should be the idea: to make this transition less painful, and the next stage of the highest quality. And to help a woman in the implementation of this idea can all the same constant companions of life – gynecologists, endocrinologists, mammologists.

Depending on the results of the examination, an individual course of complex treatment is selected for the woman, which includes hormone replacement therapy, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy, diet, and general wellness procedures.

Thanks to this, a woman can survive a critical age painlessly, prolong youth, beauty and remain loved and desired. To solve all the problems with your health you will be helped in SM Clinic.

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