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Correction of teeth without braces and perfect whitening! A smile is good. sincere. Intriguing. But in any case, we want the teeth to be even and snow-white. Now you do not need to travel thousands of kilometers to Boston to have the best doctors take care of your teeth.

It is enough to contact the Dental Spa clinic on Michurinsky – a division of the famous Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry.

It is here that many Russian celebrities treat their teeth, and they know a lot about smiles!

Step 1

Gorgeous tan and… tea-rose smile? This is definitely not about you.

However, even if the teeth have lost their natural whiteness, such a small flaw can be easily corrected.

Professional whiteningCarried out by experienced professionals is the easiest and fastest way to get a truly dazzling smile.

The whitening procedure at the Dental Spa clinic lasts only 24 minutes and costs 15,000 rubles. It has no side effects, is painless, and the result is truly amazing!

Step 2

What to do if your teeth are not as straight as you would like? Many turn a blind eye to this because they do not want to wear braces.

Indeed, it is simply impossible to imagine a business person or a stylish girl with braces.

A unique service comes to the rescue Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry – Invisaling.

This is an innovative method of straightening teeth, correcting bite and, as a result, creating a perfect smile.

The technology is that the patient wears invisible, transparent mouthguards. More precisely, a set of transparent removable mouthguards.

Each kappa works for two weeks, moving the teeth to a certain position, after which it can be changed to a new one on its own.

Thus, you do not need frequent visits to the doctor. It is necessary to wear mouthguards from 5 months to one and a half years – depending on individual indications.

Step 3

To correct the shape, and at the same time the size and color of the teeth, you can also use ceramic veneers.

“Unlike porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, veneers are very thin, and you don’t need to grind your teeth much under them,” says Dr. Konstantin Ronkin. face, and achieve the perfect color.”

The doctor conducts diagnostics and creates a computer or wax model of the future smile, after which he installs temporary veneers for the patient so that a person can check his feelings in a few weeks. Then, taking into account all the comments, constants are set.

In the clinic Dental Spa Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry ceramic veneers of the seventh generation are used.

These materials will never wear out or change color – they will last you a lifetime.

Modern technologies allow you to see your future smile on a computer even before the start of treatment, and the treatment procedure is made comfortable and painless.

Caring receptionists will offer you a cup of delicious fragrant tea, a DVD of your choice and paraffin gloves that will gently care for your hands during the treatment.

Clinic Dental Spa on Michurinsky – three steps to Hollywood and a step to a dream!

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