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Twice a year, the off-season and a decrease in immunity cause an exacerbation of a mass of diseases. Even apathy at this time of the year is legalized by doctors: weather changes, pressure drops, allergies and beriberi – everyone has their own list of troubles. Warts are one of them.

Why warts appear

Almost everyone has the human papillomavirus (HPV). The one that causes warts. It can enter the human body regardless of age and lifestyle. HPV can stay in the body for a long time and not detect itself in any way, but if the immune system gives up, the virus will manifest itself in the form of unpleasant bumps on the skin.

A new wart appears when the virus enters the upper layers of the skin through a microtrauma, so most often the formations occur on the hands (we most often injure them) and feet (one of the reasons for this is uncomfortable shoes).

Once HPV enters the body, it will stay there forever. Therefore, there are two ways to protect yourself from the manifestation of HPV: monitor your immunity (keep an active lifestyle, keep a work and rest schedule), and also get rid of existing warts.

Dandelion juice, silk thread…

Since the wart is located in the upper layer of the skin, this makes it possible to get rid of the unpleasant tubercle on its own. And our grandmothers invented a lot of ways to remove this misfortune, but there are a number of reasons to use more modern methods. Firstly, folk methods are not always effective, and secondly, they do not have a scientific and evidence-based basis, which means they can provoke the development of unwanted reactions from the body.

Modern tools also allow you to remove warts on your own without adverse reactions and consequences in the form of inflammation and scars. This is important, for example, when removing a wart on the hands, since we all know that scars do not decorate.

How modern wart removers work

What modern pharmacology is capable of in confronting annoying skin imperfections, let’s look at the example of a line of wart removers from a reputable brand.

The WARTNER® applicator pen destroys wart tissue with a thick TCA gel. The advantage of the gel is the ability to accurately dose the product and ease of application. The thick gel does not spread, which protects healthy skin from damage. Warts that appeared on the skin less than a year ago usually disappear within a week; to remove older formations, it may be necessary to reapply the product.

WARTNER® Cryo works in a completely different way: the refrigerant freezes the wart to the ground at -52°C and destroys the virus in its tissues that caused this formation. For newly appeared warts, most often a single application of the remedy is sufficient. For warts that have been on the body for more than a year, you may need to re-freeze 14 days after the first application of the product.

The rules for using the products that we talked about above are simple – just three steps separate you from clean, healthy skin without flaws.

If you are using WARTNER® Cryo:

  • wait 3 seconds for the disposable applicator to saturate with refrigerant;
  • prepare to apply the product: another 20 seconds of waiting is required while the temperature of the applicator decreases;
  • apply the applicator to the problem area: it takes 20 seconds to freeze the wart on the arm and 40 seconds on the foot.

If you are using a pen applicator:

  • shake the applicator;
  • make several full turns of the cap;
  • Apply to wart and let dry for 10-15 minutes.

The beauty and flawlessness of your skin is in your hands!

We remind all readers that a doctor’s consultation is never superfluous, especially if you have a wart for the first time.


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