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Autumn freshness is much more pleasant than summer heat! I think that after the past crazy summer you will agree with me. Now, if only to protect ourselves from the eternal misfortune of autumn – a sore throat …

Modern doctors instead of the old concept of “cold” use the modern term “acute respiratory infection” (ARI). One of her common symptoms is a sore throat.

Where do they come from?

The gentle “Indian summer” is over, and coughing and sneezing are heard now to the left, now to the right of you. The mucous membrane of the nose and mouth is the entrance gate for ARI. Bacteria, viruses and fungal infections primarily enter here.

Normally, the local immunity of the nasopharynx itself repels these pathogens, but when a person is supercooled, the immune defense weakens. Then the microbes multiply and make their way inside, causing an inflammatory process, due to which the throat hurts.

As a rule, autumn troubles develop according to approximately the same pattern: a tickle in the throat, a runny nose appears, then a dry cough, and the temperature may rise. If ARI is not stopped in these early stages, it can go even deeper and turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

In this case, as a rule, it is not clear which of the pathogens caused the inflammation, often several of them become the cause at once.

Pharmacy trip

If you carefully look at the pharmacy windows, you will see that all the drugs offered for colds and sore throats belong to two groups.

The first relieves symptoms – softens the throat, lowers the temperature, makes breathing easier with a runny nose, narrowing the vessels of the mucosa. The second group stimulates the body’s immune system, helping it cope with inflammation and its pathogens.

Unfortunately, both groups have their drawbacks.

If you bring down the temperature, remove other unpleasant symptoms, then, of course, you will feel much more comfortable, maybe even be able to go to work. But, for example, elevated temperature is a necessary condition for the production of certain immune bodies.

Modern doctors recommend taking an antipyretic only at temperatures above 38.5 degrees. The fact is that these drugs do not work on the cause of a sore throat – on those very pathogens.

Means that relieve symptoms do not cure, but, at best, make it easier to transfer the disease. In addition, if you regularly bring down the temperature, relieve pain, you may not notice when complications begin.

Immunostimulators are another problem. Basically, these are drugs in the form of tablets, capsules or drops for oral administration, which act on the entire body.

Besides The mechanism and side effects of many common immunostimulants are not fully understood, so using them at the first sneeze, without a doctor’s prescription, is quite risky.

Moreover, from the moment you start taking immunostimulants, it should take quite a long time before the effect appears.

On a right way

And now you have pulled on a soft wool sweater with a cozy high collar and are thinking about radical means.

After all, there are plenty of antiseptic rinses and antibiotic tablets! They can certainly reduce inflammation.

However, if ARI is caused by a virus, which happens especially often in autumn and winter, or by a fungus, all these remedies will not work on it.

Furthermore, antiseptics and antibiotics kill beneficial microflora and thereby again weaken the immune system.

Rinsing with an antiseptic impairs the natural protection of the mucous membranes, and uncontrolled intake of antibiotics orally disrupts the immunity of the whole body, and can also cause side effects. It turns out that even if ARI passes now, the risk of getting sick again will increase.

Besides, harmful bacteria tend to get used to commonly used antibiotics, so the next time the drugs may not work.

Agree, it is better to immediately treat the throat correctly! Eliminate not only unpleasant sensations, but also their cause, and, if possible, in a natural way.

It is most reliable to fight the infection by normalizing the microflora of the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose and raising their immunity. A timely and high-quality response to the ARI invasion is what you need! Here, with a sore throat, Imudon is indispensable.

Answer on the spot

Wrapped up in a checkered blanket, you hide in your favorite chair with a fascinating book in your hand, holding a mint-flavored tablet in your mouth. “Imudon” – lozenges – contain bacterial lysates, which are nothing more than particles of the cell walls of inactivated microbes.

Lysates cannot cause the development of the disease, but stimulate the body to produce special substances to fight it. It is very important that the drug acts locally, only on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and pharynx, so there is no hyperstimulation of the immunity of the whole organism.

Under the influence of Imudon, phagocytosis intensifies in the oral cavity and pharynx – the production of special cells that kill bacteria and viruses that have entered from the outside.

The local immune system increases the production of lysozyme – a “natural antibiotic”, as well as specific antibodies to each of more than a dozen pathogens, the particles of which are contained in Imudon. Finally, the synthesis of interferon, a universal natural defense against viruses, increases.

All these substances do not allow dangerous microorganisms to get through the mucous membranes and cause a disease with high fever, general malaise and subsequent complications in the form of a runny nose, cough, loss of voice, etc.

“Imudon” quickly and effectively copes with both acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the mouth and pharynx. Doctors recommend it for sore throats, inflammation of the tonsils, inflammation of the gums. Thanks to Imudon, you can avoid taking antibiotics and quickly transfer the infection.

Please note: “Imudon” can be taken even by children from three years old, not only for treatment, but also for prevention. It is not necessary to wait until you, your husband or your child have a sore throat – you can simply not let the infection inside.

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