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Healing with the help of the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls is a Buddhist tradition, rooted in the distant past. This knowledge covers not only the understanding of the structure and functioning of our physical body, but also the philosophy of the subtle, spiritual and mental body. What we understand as our “I” is a complex of these four elements. The healing music of singing bowls affects each of them.

Singing bowls come in different sizes and shapes, made by hand and machine, covered with drawings or mantras. They make sounds at different pitches due to different frequency fluctuations.

When creating an instrument, the master specially creates a sound that is consistent with the chakras in the human body. Chakra in Sanskrit means whirlpool or energy funnel.

According to Buddhist knowledge, the chakras are energy centers and form not only our etheric body, but are also reflected directly in the physical body as endocrine glands and are located exactly on the arterial meridians passing through the whole body.

There are many such energy vortices in the human subtle body, but singing bowl therapy focuses on on the seven main chakraswhich are located along the central axis spine in the physical body.

Each chakra is filled to the brim with the corresponding sound that the instrument makes. A healing session with singing bowls is performed for such a long time until the whole body is filled with all the tones and sounds and until all the bowls “ring out” to the end, creating an impeccable harmony of pure chords.

It is believed that after the healing of the spirit, the healing of the body will come. Only in this way does a person become balanced and in harmony with himself and with the world around him.

Alchemical proportions

Take in their respective proportions the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. An alloy will form in the high temperature, pour it on the stone floor. When it cools down, forge the desired shape until you hold a singing bowl in your hands. – this is the ancient alchemical formula for creating singing bowls.

The alchemists made sure that none of the secret recipes fell into the hands of the unprepared, so they used a cipher in their records. So, in the recipe for creating singing bowls, known metals are hidden behind the names of the planets: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead. Thus, a magical alloy of seven metals was created, symbolizing the planets, and called electromagicum. Singing bowls, bells and gongs were forged from it. Until now, the tools of the masters of the Tibetan monastic tradition of Bon, one of the oldest shamanic traditions in the world, are created from this alloy according to the old formula.

Sacred singing bowls and gongs are found in almost all Buddhist shrines and serve different purposes. The sounds that are extracted from them during Buddhist rituals immerse the monks in a state of prayer and meditation.

Meals served in bowls contain all the elements necessary for the body. Such a meal is considered especially useful for pregnant women who need all the trace elements. The monks separate special places in the monasteries where expectant mothers can eat and drink from just such dishes.

According to Buddhist monks, water that sits in a singing bowl overnight gains magical power. Decoctions, tinctures and compresses are prepared from it, with which the monks successfully treat the sick. Each monk has his own singing bowl, which he works with during meditation and with which he heals himself. The vessel is selected individually, the pitch of the sound of the bowl must correspond to the vibrations of the owner.

Singing bowl treatment

The sound of health

If all the waves and energies that surround us were visible, audible and consciously recorded by our senses, we would feel like we are in a thicket of a tropical forest, or simply go crazy from an overabundance of external influences. Fortunately for us, the human senses register only a narrow range of both light and sound waves.

However, even what is not consciously registered by our senses resonates in our body and has a huge impact on it. For example, if loud music is playing somewhere far away, which we do not hear, somewhere inside the body we feel strange vibrations. Depending on the pitch, the sound calms or excites. It is known that infrasound at a certain height can even lead to cardiac arrest.

According to the Biblical story, the walls of the city of Jericho collapsed under the influence of the sounds of the seven trumpets of the conquerors. True, this happened after seven days of continuous attack, but still the stone collapsed from the sound wave.

Everything in the Universe sings, vibrates, announces itself in different ways. Human thoughts are the same vibration, an energy impulse that affects the environment. There are people next to whom our mood always improves. The thoughts of these people are filled with peace, joy and love.

There are also others – irritable, depressive. In their presence, we feel restless, bad energy seeping in. Each of us in the same way affects the environment, and especially those close to him. Therefore, when you are stressed, try to tune your body to other vibrations.

There are many ways to get rid of stress, but the simplest and most effective way is to immerse yourself in the healing sound of a singing bowl. Psychologists recommend having this unusual vessel in the house. However, buying a singing bowl on your own can be difficult because it is very easy to run into fakes.

If you find yourself in a Nepalese market or a specialized Russian shop selling real handmade singing bowls, don’t rush to buy the prettiest one – listen to a few of them until you find yours. The vessel should produce a crystal clear sound without additional rustling.

If the bowl cracks, it immediately becomes unsuitable for recreational purposes. It is best if the home bowl matches the sound of the heart chakra. According to Buddhist tradition, the heart chakra produces the sounds fa and sol.

If you are tired or unable to cheer yourself up, just hit or rub the edge of the bowl with a wooden stick and then rotate the stick around the vessel, pressing against the edges. The bowl will sing, and the whole room, your whole body will be filled with sound. In a few minutes you will feel rested, will return good mood and the desire to create. And most importantly, harmony will wake up in you and, being in balance with the entire Universe, you will find integrity and peace.

Singing bowl massage

Hand-made proper singing bowls are not cheap, and it is not easy to get such an instrument. Those who have not become the owner of their own healing vessel can hear the magical melody of Tibetan singing bowls at specially organized concerts or in the office of a psychotherapist who uses the power of sound to heal patients.

The concert program is designed for a large audience of listeners, and a session with a psychotherapist is designed in such a way as to save you from a specific psychological or neurological problem. However, you can completely immerse yourself in the enchanting sound of Tibetan bowls and feel their healing power on yourself by giving yourself a session of a special massage with singing bowls.

For an incredible experience of total immersion in sound and vibration, lie comfortably on your back and let the music permeate your body and mind. Massage with the sound of Tibetan bowls harmonizes the soul and body, synchronizes the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The session takes place in dimmed light in a well-ventilated area. The bowls are placed either around a person lying on the floor, or on the body itself. Today, singing bowl massage is used for several purposes:

  • liberation from neuroses, complexes and blockades;
  • harmonization of the whole organism at the cellular level;
  • stress relief;
  • reduction of tension in the body;
  • calming the process of thinking;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • deepening breathing and improving concentration.

Massage with singing bowls is used in work with adults, children, in obstetrics, in water therapy and in many difficult life situations. However, you don’t have to suffer. depression or a mental disorder to feel the power of sound. A massage session with Tibetan singing bowls is a real gift to our tired body and soul forgotten in everyday affairs. Allow yourself to adjust your sound in accordance with the harmony of the visible and invisible world!

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