To be healthy or not to be?

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Are you familiar with such words: “I don’t feel it, so this problem doesn’t exist”? For sure. This is exactly what people who have completely adjusted to the modern, accelerated rhythm of life say. Career and family worries take a lot of time, and indeed, only tasks that lie on the surface are solved.

Is it correct? Probably not. Agree, health often “bypasses us”. And all because we do not worry about it.

And yet, to be healthy or not to be? The hottest topic in the autumn-winter period: how to protect your body from viral infections?

But it is at this time that an exacerbation of infectious diseases occurs in people of different ages, from infants to the elderly.

Do we know that viral particles remain active for hours in dry, warm and still air, but are almost instantly destroyed in cool, humid and moving air?

20% and below is exactly the level of humidity in our homes when the central heating starts to work. If you continue to ignore the environmental situation, health problems will reach a critical point.

Look, too dry indoor air dries out the skin, thereby reducing the protective properties and creating discomfort not only for adults, but also for young children.

According to doctors, with low humidity, even in healthy children, changes in the daily regimen of kidney function and the development of dysbacteriosis are possible.

If the child already has health problems, then dry air will only provoke relapses, reduce the effectiveness of traditionally used methods of treatment and serve as a “starting point” for the development of chronic diseases in children.

It must be admitted that in the structure of morbidity, especially among children, in recent decades there has been a noticeable increase in allergic exacerbations, such as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, etc.

Without going into the rather complex mechanisms of the development of these conditions and the analysis of predisposing factors, let us pay attention to the fact that doctors in their recommendations necessarily indicate the need for daily wet cleaning of residential premises.

The purpose of this recommendation is to remove settling dust, which, along with chemical pollutants, also contains other harmful agents, such as dust mites, numerous microorganisms, and fungal spores.

Since 1964, when a link between household allergies and hypersensitivity to house dust was established, the problem has taken on a new character.

Studies have shown that more than 70% of people who are allergic to house dust develop asthma after an average of 8 years (WDR/Quarks&Co 50612 Koein).

In children with bronchial asthma, which was preceded by symptoms of allergic rhinitis, in 80% of cases allergy to house dust is detected.

Doctors concluded that there is a dependence of the occurrence of certain types of allergies on the state of the microclimate of the room and, in particular, on the level of air pollution.

In 1969, the Swiss company Plaston created the first humidifier – Boneco. We can say that already 40 Swiss technologies that Plaston uses to create the highest quality humidifiers and air purifiers are actively used all over the world to combat poor-quality air.

Plaston produces humidifiers under two brand names – Boneco and Air-O-Swiss. The manufacturer’s lineup includes the widest range of types: ultrasonic, traditional, steam humidifiers, air purifiers, climate systems and “air washers”.

Each model has several series, depending on the preferences of customers. This is a variety of colors, shapes, mechanical or electronic control.

“Air Washers” (Air-O-Swiss 2055/2005D, Boneco 1355N) combines the functions of humidification and purification (similar to air purification after rain in nature). When using “air wash” there is no need for additional accessories and consumables.

An innovative water disinfection system is provided by the ionizing silver rod Ionic Silver Stick. Comments on the use of silver are superfluous, since centuries of experience testify to the special properties of this metal.

Their main structural element is a drum of rapidly rotating vertical discs with a ribbed surface and its lower part submerged in water.

The air blown by the fan blows around the wet discs and carries away water molecules with it, while dust particles remain on the discs and are washed into the sump. From time to time, the discs need to be removed and washed in a regular dishwasher.

Climate complex (Air-O-Swiss 2071) provides complete air purification (dust, tobacco smoke, harmful gases) thanks to a multi-stage filter system (HEPA filter, antibacterial and carbon filters), and also creates and maintains optimal humidity in the room. There is also an aroma function.

Traditional Humidifiers (Air-O-Swiss E2441/2251/2241) work on the principle of natural, self-regulating evaporation. Automatically maintain comfortable humidity without additional control devices.

Steam humidifiers (Boneco 2031) use the principle of boiling water, giving out hygienically clean steam. The devices can be used for inhalation and aromatherapy. Also an ideal solution for greenhouses and winter gardens. Differ in simplicity and safety in operation. Automatically turn off when there is no water.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers (Boneco 7131/7136/7133/7135, Air-O-Swiss U7142/ U7146) use the most advanced air humidification technology, fine aerosol spraying of water (“fog effect”). Equipped with moisture and evaporation intensity control systems. Possibility to work with ordinary tap water thanks to the water softening cartridge. Absolutely silent.

It may seem that the Swiss company Plaston has created too large a data set for the formula for the health of the whole family (in our case, this is a wide range of models).

But after all, we have many tasks before us: the health of children, parents; creating a favorable climate for indoor plants; preservation of wooden furniture and parquet. And there are many, many objects that need healthy climatic conditions so much.

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