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Let’s start with the connection between our attitude and appearance. If a person is irritable, nervous, restless, he is involuntarily perceived by others negatively and, as a result, less beautiful than he really is. Bad mood, anxious thoughts lower our shoulders and head, spoil our posture and cut through ugly wrinkles between the nose and lips and on the forehead. And vice versa, the better we feel, the better we look – this is an axiom.

Everyone knows the phrase that “all diseases are from the nerves.” This, of course, is an exaggeration, but still one should not underestimate the possible consequences of chronic stress. Excessive strength or duration of exposure to stress factors can accelerate cell aging!

So, what external manifestations can be encountered if the body is not able to cope with excessive stress?

Deterioration of the skin

Stress constricts blood vessels in the skin and increases the release of free radicals (the excess of which harms the body). With prolonged, chronic exposure, this leads to a decrease in skin elasticity and tone, dryness and flaking, the appearance and strengthening of wrinkles. It is well known that stress exacerbates or even contributes to many skin diseases such as acne, eczema (neurodermatitis), psoriasis.

Circles under the eyes

The state of tension and anxiety often leads to sleep disturbance, and everyone knows what a sleepy person looks like. If you do not get enough sleep for a day or two, then the appearance will quickly recover, but it is more difficult to deal with the consequences of long-term sleep disturbances. And every year it becomes more and more difficult for our body to recover.

With age, the appearance and increase in the number of gray hairs becomes almost inevitable, but how quickly the hair will turn gray depends on many factors, among which stress plays an important role. And almost everyone has probably experienced increased hair loss after stressful situations.

Overweight and other bad habits

This is what accelerates aging to the speed of a supersonic aircraft and inevitably kills beauty and health. Someone in a state of stress “does not get a piece in the throat”, and someone empties the refrigerator, “jamming stress” (and, unfortunately, most of them). Someone, nervous, arranges smoke breaks, drinks liters of coffee at work, and when he comes home, he “washes down stress” with other drinks. How many beauties prematurely lost their youth and attractiveness, “jamming and drinking down” their problems!

Fight for youth and beauty.

Stress has many faces, and when it is with us all the time, anxious experiences and an excited mood often become invisible companions. In such a situation, not age, but constant stress is the number one enemy of beauty.

How to deal with stress?

Physical exercises. Switching attention is one of the main ways to deal with stress. During physical activity, our brain switches from “fixation” on a stressful situation to physical activity. That is, negative emotions fade into the background, and the likelihood that after a two-hour workout you will see the world in a different – more optimistic light – is very high. Plus, for appearance and general health, adequate physical activity, especially outdoor activities, will only benefit.

Massage. Both a general massage and a massage of individual parts of the body will help not only to relax, but also to feel a surge of strength and vigor. Professional massage courses will also help improve your appearance and improve overall health.

Yoga, wushu, breathing exercises – such activities help to distract from unpleasant thoughts, improve self-control and achieve inner harmony.

Particularly important are the psychological attitude towards positive, training in an optimistic style of thinking, self-motivating “mantras”, as in the film “I am the most charming and attractive.” An important part of life should be communication with friends and family – visiting theaters, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, concerts, going to the bathhouse, bowling, joint trips to nature.

We should not forget about a healthy diet, with the obligatory use of vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs, dairy products, fish and seafood. It is desirable to include dark chocolate and bananas in the diet – these products increase the ability to experience positive emotions.

Normalization of sleep is also necessary – try to observe the sleep and rest regimen (you must have a good night’s sleep). A walk, a relaxing bath with aromatic oils, warm milk, and relaxing music before going to bed will help.

And of course, a timely vacation full of positive impressions, especially a trip to the sea “towards the sun”, will help not only restore peace of mind, but also “bloom” with renewed vigor. (It is a pity that there is no way to do this after every stress.)

medicinal help

If you can’t cope with the negative effects of stress on your own, special anti-anxiety agents will come to the rescue. The action of the modern drug “from anxiety and stress” – Afobazol – is aimed at restoring the natural, that is, natural mechanisms of dealing with stress that a person has by nature. The drug gradually restores the sensitivity of nerve cell receptors to gamma-aminobutyric acid – our body’s own “calm mediator”.

Taking Afobazole leads to an improvement in the emotional and physical condition: a decrease in irritability and anxiety, anxiety and tension, and vegetative disorders (dry mouth, sweating, dizziness, etc.). This drug helps to restore calmness and self-confidence, and is also able to support during premenstrual syndrome and when quitting smoking. It acts gently and gradually, so taking the drug is recommended in courses of 2 weeks to 3 months.

Afobazole does not cause daytime sleepiness and impaired attention and memory, unlike many drugs of the sedative group. Important! Some of the “anti-stress” drugs on the market only mask the problem, drowning out the symptoms and slowing down the nervous system.

To check if you are now prone to stress and anxiety, take a simple test at the link:

And do not forget that harmony and calm self-confidence can make an attractive and not very beautiful person, and tension, anxiety and petty irritability destroy any beauty in the perception of people around.


Registration certificate for the drug “Afobazol®” No. LS-000861, issued on July 23, 2010 by the Federal Service for Supervision of Health and Social Development of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

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