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Irina Gorbacheva: put her jaw in place

The actress recently shared the results of long-term work with dentists. It turned out that the actress was not only embarrassed by an imperfect smile for a long time, but also suffered a number of side effects, which include headaches, problems with sleep and digestion. It would seem, what is the connection with the teeth? And she is! It took two years for everything. Gorbacheva honestly admits: she thought that she would not pull it financially and morally, but now she is not happy with the results. She corrected her bite, aligned her teeth with the help of a bracket system.

“I can write about this endlessly! The quality of life has arrived! Self-confidence has appeared, digestion has improved, headaches have gone, stamina has increased, the quality of sleep has improved, the FACE has changed completely and, as you can see, for the better !!! We set the jaw in place!! We didn’t “done” – we restored health and made it even better in all aspects! Why am I doing this? No need to be afraid to go to the doctors, no need to be ashamed of your teeth – they need to be dealt with!” – said the star of the series “Chiki”.

Regina Todorenko: decided on braces following the example of Dani Milokhin

Regina Todorenko was one of the first to congratulate Gorbachev with a Hollywood smile. The TV presenter and traveler only recently decided on braces: she was afraid of iron plates on her teeth, diction defects – appearance and speech are important for everyone who works in the frame. The wife of Vlad Topalov even consulted with subscribers: is it worth it to decide on a bracket system, asked to share their experience. Opinions were divided: some dissuaded Regina, others began to share the contacts of doctors. As a result, Todorenko followed the example of her younger colleague Dani Milokhin and put braces. She says that she is happy with everything so far: metal plates on her teeth are not so terrible as it is commonly thought. In addition, there are a number of indications for their installation, and it’s not just about an imperfect smile.

Miroslava Karpovich: corrected the bite and got rid of headaches

“Daddy’s daughter” ten years ago faced such a nuisance as teeth grinding at night (the reason for this was chronic stress and extra wisdom teeth – they displaced the jaw). Only years later, she turned to specialists who delivered a verdict: wisdom teeth should be removed and the malocclusion should be changed. Not on the first attempt, beloved Pavel Priluchny found her doctor and clinic. The work of orthodontists took almost three years. For the actress, a system of removable mouth guards was developed – braces did not fit, since Miroslava actively plays in the theater and she has developed a certain stage image. Not so long ago, Karpovich enthusiastically thanked her team of doctors: now her smile is perfect, headaches and gnashing of teeth are a thing of the past. And she made friends with some doctors – now they visit each other and go to dances in clubs.

In addition to the celebrities listed, braces were worn by Timur Rodriguez, Paulina Andreeva, Vera Brezhneva, Victoria Bonya and a number of others. All of them are satisfied with the result, the main thing is to find your doctor.

Expert comment

Recently, people have become more attentive to their health, including dental. Young people often worry about misaligned teeth, but few know that orthodontic treatment can also solve other problems such as poor posture, poor sleep, and headaches. They are very often associated with improper closing of the teeth and hypertonicity of the muscles of the head and neck.

The correct ratio of the upper and lower dentition when closing determines the health of the dento-jaw system. This is the health of the periodontium, teeth and paired temporomandibular joints. In case of improper closing of the teeth, the dento-jaw system undergoes heavy loads. It is with signs of overload that adult patients turn to the orthodontist. At the same time, some people know about the wrong bite and do not attach any importance to this for many years.

What are these signs?

  • Erasure of tooth enamel;

  • wedge-shaped defects;

  • periodontal disease;

  • frequent headaches, neck pain;

  • poor sleep, discomfort (clicks, crunch, pain) in the area of ​​one or two temporomandibular joints;

  • feeling of tension in the muscles of the face and neck;

  • absence of individual teeth or groups of teeth.

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The presence of such signs is the reason for a consultation with an orthodontist-gnatologist, who will assess the correct functioning of the dental system, the health of the temporomandibular joint, the correct functioning of the muscles, if necessary, carry out functional diagnostics and only then draw up an individual treatment plan, offer suitable equipment.

Orthodontic treatment lasts an average of 1.5-2 years – this is a long process that requires the professionalism of the doctor and the patience of the patient. Only by joint efforts is it possible to restore health, and get a beautiful smile as a bonus. Yes, I didn’t make a reservation, we are focused not only on the aesthetics of the front teeth, but also on the position of the chewing teeth, which means restoring the function of proper closure, the correct position of the temporomandibular joints, restoring health.

Of course, orthodontic treatment requires the patient to pay more attention to hygiene, teeth have to be brushed after meals, and special brushes must be used. The diet is also adjusted, for example, you can’t gnaw on solid food, but these are trifles to which all patients quickly adapt.

The choice of equipment is carried out by the orthodontist, based on the diagnostic data and the wishes of the patient. These can be external and lingual (internal) braces, metal and ceramic. There are also options for treatment without braces – these are aligners, thin plates that align the teeth. In any case, there are indications for any equipment. A good result is important for the patient and the doctor, so you should trust the professionals in choosing the equipment.

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