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Regina Todorenko – vitiligo

Most recently, Regina Todorenko shared her revelations. The host of the show “Eagle and Tails” told subscribers that for a long time she was embarrassed by her modest chest, rounded hips and … malocclusion. According to Regina, shooting in a swimsuit for a travel project was akin to flour for her. She stopped being shy only recently, when plus-size models and girls began to appear on the pages of gloss, openly talking about shortcomings in appearance.

Another “flaw” that the TV presenter was embarrassed about was vitiligo disease. When white spots appear on the skin with missing pigmentation. They appear due to the destruction of pigment cells, as a result of which melanin is not produced. Surely, you have heard about the model Winnie Harlow, which this disease did not prevent from becoming in demand in a profession where appearance is a working tool. The story of the fashion model has drawn attention to other people with a similar disease.

Regina Todorenko decided to honestly tell subscribers about the pathology. According to Regina, she repeatedly tried to get rid of the spots that appeared on her legs, but to no avail. For filming, they are masked with makeup. Violation of skin pigmentation is considered quite rare and incurable. The wife of Vlad Topalov is trying to fight him with plasma injections.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova – pigmentation

The actress admitted to problems with pigmentation recently. Age spots appeared on her face several years ago after a vacation in her beloved Sri Lanka. The actress, who fell in love with the audience after the TV series “Kitchen”, assures that she always uses sunscreen, but he did not save her from the aggressive sun at the resort. Probably, the reason is also that during the rest, Ekaterina did a peeling – as it seemed to her, quite sparing. After a while, she covered her face with a layer of cream and went for a walk – this was enough to earn age spots on her cheeks and forehead.

For an actress, such a story is fraught – not all skin problems can be masked with makeup. But Katya succeeded for a long time. At the same time, she tried a lot of remedies: injections with a whitening effect, peels, masks with turmeric – nothing helped. The actress was saved in one of the specialized clinics, where, with the help of the device, the Picosure apparatus in four procedures almost completely relieved Kuznetsova of the pigment.

“Regardless of age, pigmentation can occur for several reasons:

  • use of COCs (combined oral contraceptives);

  • undergoing chemical deep and medium peeling procedures;

  • the use of antibiotics; laser or vascular treatments (including rosacea);

  • hormonal disruptions (for example, one of the predisposing factors is premenopause, which can begin even at 30-35 years old);

  • pregnancy and lactation period; high sunshine activity.

Pigmentation can occur after any peeling, which confirms the case of actress Ekaterina Kuznetsova.

There are several types of pigmentation that differ in depth and additional predisposing factors. There is no reliable diagnostic method, the diagnosis is made according to external signs, dermatoscopy results and anamnesis. The doctor usually begins work on the removal of pigmentation on a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin, this is how the reaction is checked. In some cases, the procedure can provoke an increase in pigmentation, so it is important to act carefully.

Pigmentation is only a cosmetic defect, but there are formations with which you can confuse it. Girls, if you notice an asymmetrical neoplasm on a small area of ​​the skin, consult a doctor! In this case, it is necessary to conduct a dermatoscopy and determine whether it is benign or malignant.

Gigi Hadid – Hashimoto’s disease

The supermodel continues to struggle with a rare autoimmune disease that affects thyroid cells – the medical name for the pathology is Hashimoto’s disease. The pathology is named after the Japanese doctor who discovered it in 1912. People suffering from the disease often feel tired, sleepy, experience muscle pain and mood swings. For the model, an additional burden, because it must meet certain standards. As a result, a young mother (she recently gave birth to a girl) constantly drinks a course of drugs in order to normalize the hormonal background. Drugs, by the way, contribute to weight loss, while Hashimoto’s disease itself often turns into just his set.

Julia Roberts – thrombocytopenia

Hollywood actress lives with thrombocytopenia. With this disease, blood clotting is disturbed, which means that almost any blood loss can become a threat to life. According to doctors, the disease can develop against the background of weakened immunity, past infections. The Oscar-winning actress did not always live with this disease – she heard the diagnosis in 2002 on the next set. At that time, the pregnant Roberts (the actress was in her fourth month) complained of dizziness and severe weakness. Turns out it wasn’t the pregnancy. Thrombocytopenic purpura is a rare disease. The actress, who has lived with him for years, talks about the experience to other people.

Pink – asthma

The singer has suffered from a chronic respiratory disease since childhood. The future performer was diagnosed at the age of two. As she got older, the girl learned to cope with bouts of shortness of breath, developed her vocal cords. Love for music and vocals served Pink well here, because singing helps to overcome asthma attacks. However, the singer does not always keep her chronic illness under control. So, once the owner of the Grammy was hospitalized straight from the concert with a severe asthma attack.

Pink, like all asthmatics, was at risk during the pandemic – the singer suffered a severe coronavirus infection. According to her, she could not do without an inhaler for a minute – anxiety attacks were added to the acute course of the coronavirus. Together with the pop singer, her husband was also seriously ill with the virus.

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