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We all know that there are many types of nuts – walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, chestnuts. Not so long ago, less well-known ones appeared on sale – pistachios, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans. You can get confused in such an abundance of nuts, but in order to better navigate, you need to know the beneficial qualities of each type of nuts, because each of them has its own advantages.

Experts in this matter unanimously claim that real nuts are cashews and hazelnuts, and even with a stretch – cedar. And since they are considered real, then we rightfully begin our conversation with them.

Cashew in shape very similar to our pear. They go on sale already peeled, which makes them easier to use. These nuts contain a large amount of protein and fat (which is contraindicated when losing weight), besides nicotinic acid and carotene.

Another “real nut” – hazelnut – also rich in all sorts of useful substances. For example, the oil squeezed out of it is easily absorbed by the body. Mixed with egg white, the oil heals burns, it is used to strengthen hair, and nuts, combined with honey, are used for rheumatism and anemia.

We are best known Pine nuts – Siberian pine seeds. These nuts are very rich in oil, as well as protein – in composition, they are even close to egg white. In terms of quality, cedar oil is almost in no way inferior to olive oil. Even the cake that remains after squeezing the oil contains a lot of protein – it is mainly used in cooking (they make halva, pastries, cakes).

A tincture of pine nuts was known in antiquity. She treated joints with rheumatism, gout, arthritis. It would be nice for us to know this ancient miraculous recipe, as the most unfavorable period for these diseases is coming. And this is how it is done: the nuts crushed together with the shell are poured with vodka so that it covers them with a layer of 5-6 cm. They insist for a week, and then take a tablespoon 3 times a day.

Less known to us peanut. Just when buying this healthy nut, pay attention to its freshness, since the fungus that sometimes settles on the surface of this nut releases toxins that, when entering the human body, can affect any weakened organ. Most of this nut is used to produce oil. In terms of nutritional qualities, it surpasses many vegetable oils.

Walnut is also called and growing with us chestnut. Fresh chestnuts have a tart taste and are very hard. Unlike their relatives, they cannot be eaten raw. But you can bake it, then it acquires a sweetish taste and becomes very fragrant. But it is undesirable to eat a lot of them – there may be bloating of the intestines.

Fruit pistachios like a tiny plum. When ripe, the pulp or skin dries up, and the stone cracks lengthwise into two halves. It is used to make oil, which is unique in its kind – it does not dry out, and therefore is successfully used in cooking, perfumery and medicine.

Brazil nut practically unknown to us. It resembles a round or oval box with a lid, inside which are cotyledons with a thin but very strong shell. Brazil nuts taste like pine nuts.

Almond – a product more familiar to us. Its fruits also look like plums. Only when ripe does the flesh dry out, forming a light brown hairy “skin”. Almonds come in two varieties: sweet and bitter. The bitter contains a substance that releases hydrocyanic acid, which is dangerous for the body. The emulsion of sweet almonds (almond milk) is used as an enveloping agent for diseases of the stomach and intestines. To prepare such milk, grind 50 g of kernels in a mortar, pour 100 g of water or milk, boil for 10 minutes and strain. This milk is also useful for kidney diseases, besides, it has a diuretic effect. But almond oil has a good laxative effect.

Which nut has gained wide popularity with us is walnut. And it is no coincidence – after all, there are legends about its beneficial properties. So, its oil is rich in fatty acids, in terms of calories it is higher than pork, and in terms of protein content it approaches meat. In addition, it has a choleretic effect, useful in diseases of the liver and gallbladder. It is also used for lubricating burns. In addition, the unripe fruits of this nut contain a lot of vitamin C (and no less than in blackcurrant or rose hips).

The closest relative of the walnut is pecan. This nut has an almost smooth shell, but is tastier than walnuts and almonds.

The largest nut is coconut. It can weigh up to 2 kg. An unripe nut contains up to 0.5 liters of a clear, thirst-quenching liquid – it tastes sweet and sour, rich in vitamins and sugars. As the fruit ripens, drops of fat appear in this liquid, and it turns into a white emulsion – coconut milk, which then thickens and becomes white pulp.

All the nuts we have listed, although they differ in taste and appearance, their value remains unchanged – they are all very useful for atherosclerosis, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition, nuts increase the tone of the central nervous system, contribute to the regulation of brain functions. In addition, the fiber contained in the nuclei normalizes the activity of the intestines. But a large amount of it irritates the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. Therefore, with diseases of the stomach and intestines, you should not eat more than 5-6 nuts. They are recommended to weakened people after an illness – after all, as we have already said, they are superior in calories to many products.

The nut also has a good effect on the skin.. So, it is indispensable in cosmetology. A walnut and apple mask will perfectly prepare your skin for the cold, humid air of the coming winter.. Take 1/3 cup of apple peel, pass it through a meat grinder, put it on cheesecloth and squeeze the juice carefully. 1/2 cup of any nuts also pass through a meat grinder, pour into the apple mass and mix well. If the mass crumbles, add a little juice so that the mask, while remaining dry enough, does not fall apart. Apply the mask on your face for 20-25 minutes, then remove it, wash thoroughly with warm water and wipe the skin with tonic. The effect of this cleansing mask will be noticeable immediately: the skin will become clean and fresh.


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