Toxic shock syndrome: how dangerous are vaginal tampons

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The danger of vaginal tampons was actively discussed in the eighties of the twentieth century. In 1980, 800 women in Europe suffered from toxic shock syndrome due to the use of tampons.

At the same time, clear rules were developed: change hygiene products every four hours and use the minimum size necessary to absorb the secretions. There have been no more mass tragedies since then, the topic has almost been forgotten, but it reappeared only in 2012, when a young American model Lauren Wasser had her leg amputated due to toxic shock syndrome. Lauren felt bad at the party. She thought she had the flu and went home, where she passed out. She was taken to the hospital on the verge of death. She managed to save her life, but her right leg had to be amputated: gangrene began. The left one was saved, but, as it turned out, not for long. Most likely, Lauren will have to amputate again … And all these dangerous symptoms have developed due to the improper use of a sanitary tampon.

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What is toxic shock syndrome?

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