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Trace elements are elements that are contained in our body in medium quantities. The group of these elements consists of iron, iodine, copper, manganese, fluorine, aluminum, zinc, silicon, bromine, vanadium, etc.

Iron is an element of blood. It is part of the hemoglobin of the blood, so 60-75% of iron is found in erythrocytes – red blood cells.

Hemoglobin carries the oxygen we breathe to all organs and tissues, so life without it is just as impossible as without oxygen. With a lack of iron, anemia develops, and in advanced cases, blood cancer.

We should get 15-20 mg of iron per day in the form of cottage cheese and hard cheese, legumes, cereals, beets, animal liver, otherwise our body will suffer.

Copper is an element of eternal youth, a feminine element. It is found in the protein collagen, which is responsible for tissue elasticity.

Here is what Dr. Wallock writes about copper: “Premature gray hair is the first sign that you have a deficiency of copper in the body. Moreover, the skin wrinkles because the elasticity of tissues is broken, circles appear under the eyes, lines on the face, and you become like dried prunes.

In addition, there is such a problem as varicose veins, the cause of which is a violation of the elasticity of tissues, your whole body begins to sag – on your arms, chest, stomach, on your cheeks sags – and you go to a beautician and resort to plastic surgery.

In fact, it is much cheaper, more practical and safer if you take colloidal minerals.

Zinc is an element of reproduction, a male element.Most of it is in the testes and in the sperm. Now it’s the men’s turn to run to the pharmacy!

“The first sign of zinc deficiency in the body is when you lose your sense of smell and taste, when you do not like the food prepared by your wife, and you complain that you do not taste it.

“What, I spent all day in the kitchen to cook a delicious dinner, and you don’t even praise him?” – “Interestingly, I came to the kitchen and did not feel anything.” It’s a zinc deficiency.” (D. Wallock)

Iodine is an element of normal development, and it is absolutely irreplaceable!With its deficiency, cretinism develops in childhood, and myxedema (severe thyroid disease) develops in adults.

Most of all iodine is in seafood and in the sea air, because steam is volatile.

Fluorine is a “toothy” element.It is included in almost all toothpastes, and only those living on another planet do not know that it is necessary for the normal condition of the teeth and gums.

Silicon is a mysterious element.There is a lot of it in nature in the form of sand, quartz, opal, jasper, rock crystal, flint stones. It provides plants with strong stems.

In humans, silicon mainly makes up the connective tissue and, along with copper, is responsible for the beauty, youth, harmony, strength of our body, the ability to withstand various inflammations; firmness and at the same time flexibility of character. “Hard as flint!” – talk about such people.

Here is what the famous homeopathic doctor T. D. Popova writes about silicon: “Aging is characterized by a decrease in the silicon content in many tissues – bones, blood vessels, skin …”

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