Treating a Sore Throat: 5 Steps

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Traditionally, in the cold season, people are more likely to suffer from inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, among the most common complaints are sore throat when swallowing, dry or wet cough, fever, chills, weakness, body aches, headaches.

However, pain in the throat is the result of common pathologies. Among them:

  1. SARS, and as a result – pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis

  2. Novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

  3. Different types of angina

  4. Inflammatory or fungal diseases of the oral cavity, such as stomatitis

  5. Diseases of the thyroid gland, when the thyroid gland increases in volume and compresses the surrounding tissues of the neck, incl. Airways

  6. Allergy and as a result – rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis

  7. Burns of the posterior pharyngeal wall by external factors (acids, alkalis) and internal factors, such as reflux of acidic contents from the stomach into the esophagus and oral cavity.

And yet, the most common causes of sore throat are inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Pathogens are viruses or bacteria that enter the mucous membranes by airborne droplets. The most common source of infection is a sick person.

So how do you treat a sore throat, you ask? First you need to make the correct diagnosis, and then proceed to treatment.

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Accordingly, the first step is not to self-medicate, but to seek qualified help from a doctor. Your therapist will help you make a diagnosis.

The second step is to do a PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA, which is relevant today, given the tense epidemiological situation, as well as perform a general blood test + ESR, CRP and other examinations that the doctor will prescribe at the appointment. The extent of your treatment will depend on the results of the examination.

The third step is healing. If a viral infection is assumed to be the cause of a sore throat, then, usually, in such cases, the therapist prescribes:

  1. antiviral drugs, the sooner you start taking these drugs, the more effective they are!

  2. frequent rinsing and irrigation of the throat with antiseptic solutions, for example, solutions of such substances as: nitrofural, benzyldimethyl[3-(myristoylamino)propylammoniumchloridemonohydrateketoprofenlysinesaltetc[3-(миристоиламино)пропиламмонийхлоридмоногидраткетопрофенализиноваясольидр

  3. Resorption of tablet forms of antiseptic preparations

  4. Plentiful drink, vitamin therapy, for example, vitamin C.

If the therapist suspects a bacterial infection, then the issue of prescribing antibiotic therapy is considered.

The fourth step is self-isolation, mask regime and social distancing. Given the epidemiological situation, this is very important, so you reduce the risks of infection for the people around you.

Fifth step. General recommendations. Avoid hypothermia, have a positive mindset and a mindset for recovery. Remember, you must strictly follow the prescriptions of the attending doctor. Be healthy!

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