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Autumn and winter are a serious test for the body, both adults and children. With the advent of cold weather, doctors note a seasonal decrease in immunity, and in winter epidemics of colds and flu become inevitable, especially in big cities.

Often, when one member of the family falls ill, everyone else falls ill after him, as if in a chain. Runny nose, high fever, body aches, headache are frequent companions during this period. It is especially difficult for children. Their immunity is only being formed, so the reaction to intoxication in babies is expressed even more strongly.

The infection squeezes all the strength out of the body and does not allow us to enjoy the wonderful things that these seasons give us – to collect colorful leaves in the park, ride bicycles with the whole family, go skiing, make snowmen and throw snowballs.

To prevent illness, many of us follow our grandmother’s proven methods: we try to eat more fruits and vegetables, do not ignore garlic, onions, ginger, walk more. Some resort to hardening: a contrast shower in the morning enhances the body’s ability to resist disease. But we should not forget about the achievements of modern medicine.

Protecting yourself and family members from influenza, SARS and other seasonal diseases is quite simple. Doctors and pediatricians recommend Polyoxidonium®, a unique immunomodulator created by Russian scientists at the Institute of Immunology of the Russian Federation in 1996, which has proven its effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of acute colds. Polyoxidonium® is the only drug that combines the properties of an immunomodulator and a detoxifier. Polyoxidonium® helps to activate the immune system to fight the virus and relieve intoxication. This contributes to a faster relief of symptoms and an improvement in well-being already during the first days of treatment.

For the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, Polyoxidonium® is optimal in the form of tablets for adults and children over 12 years old, for younger children (from 6 years old) suppositories can be used. There are other forms of release that can be instilled into the nose or under the tongue of the smallest patients on the recommendation of a specialist. Due to the absence of an alien antigenic load and plant components in the composition of Polyoxidonium®, it is indicated even for patients with allergies.

Prophylactic administration of Polyoxidonium reduces the incidence of SARS and influenza by 3 times, even in frequently ill children. It not only strengthens, but also trains the immune system to fight new bacteria and viruses. And when taken during an illness, the drug significantly facilitates the acute phase of the infection, improves well-being, and reduces the frequency of complications by 2 times.

Polyoxidonium® is not addictive. Unlike drugs that offer the body ready-made interferon, it does not block the production of this protein. On the contrary, it activates the production of its own interferon and thus helps the child’s immune system to “train” without overexertion, exhaustion and the risk of complications.

Polyoxidonium® – treatment now – health promotion for the future.

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